Awards & Appreciations !

Blogging is rewarding. Being awarded on your Blog? Now that's exciting!

#My First Blog Award : "The Liebster Blog Award" from the lovely Tonnomura  of  "Tonnomura's World"

#My Inspiration, My Life, My Sunshine, My Valentine : Got featured on as there "Spicy Saturdays's" Pick 

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#"I Got my Chirpiness Back ": Received the "The Heart Touching Blogger Award" from a sweet blogger Madhavi of "Expressions Of Life". She made the award just to say how much she loved the post :) Now, that's one of the best appreciation any blogger can get :)

# Received with thanks from Christopher Smith. "The Liebster Blog Award" :) 

Love @ 7 was published at Your Story Club 

A special thanks to all my readers who have been my guiding light & been showered me with appreciations in their words & through such awards...

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