The Impact of waking up early

Waking up early has some beautiful instances that could shape up your entire life for the very good. It not only gives you the extra hours to retrospect life from the past to what's - going- on- currently. Waking up early and doing some exercise or meditating would help ensure that you have a beautiful day ahead, it helps beat up a lot of unwanted stress that you might be engaging in daily. For ladies or young women waking up early can save them from running at the last moment for work. This means they can do their daily chores in the morning and still have time to leisurely enjoy a hot cup of coffee. 
I have seen some people going for morning walk really early with their family or a stroll with their spouse just for a brisk walk and inhaling fresh air as such. I wish I could incorporate this habit in my life some how. Though I wake up pretty early , I usually do some Yoga in the morning with a half and hour session of meditation I personally feel I could wake up an hour early than my usual timings. The thing is after returning late night from the office one wants to steal some morning time. But yes if you bring in that routine and make a schedule it would pay in the long run. I sometimes apply a face pack in the morning and stroll reading something light. It gives me the much wanted power to face the day straight away with my full strength. I just love those two hours of leisure I had to my disposal, the chirps in the morning, taking a hot bath in winters with some extra minutes, lovingly inhaling the fresh dew drops ridden flowers and everything that follows with the morning dusk . I am simply in awe with the beauty that's bestowed by the morning ripples. Especially in months like February where the whether speaks of the spring, where the pleasantness is immensely heart felt and lovely mist that fills in the air. I am sounding too poetic in this post, ain't I ? As they say : "When romance is in the air you can't help but feel romantic"
Now that's a feeling I was trying to portray, with romance laden mist you bring out the optimism the positive vibes around you. You can help but feel the thrill life ensue with us, the forces have a voice and I think they are the most active before the sunrise and the time when the mighty sun is about to bring the joy in this beautiful world. The beauty can not be compared to anything else in the world. The impact it has on the senses is beyond comparison. So make it a habit to wake up early and feel the joy within.
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