Peppy Music : Where is the essence ?

The generation that is mine is a bit different from the old classic types. Those one's had an amazing love for music whereas ours is just running and not asking for taking a second to think and introspect. Music connects with the soul its an inlet which helps you tranquilize your inner self amidst stress, pressure and nervousness. But what is music of today. A lot of old classic singers till the early 2000s complain that not only the lyrics, the background music has been nothing but a feeling of crap made out these days. It's not that I am against transition but most of you would agree that I have a point here. We need not make good music all the time but yeah at least we could try. But people in the industry make stuff that is being liked by the general public they are least concerned about the soul fullness or the essence that lingers after listening to a good song.

What we as common people are making vulgar songs our party anthem, music that is the heart of parties and events. Loudness creeps in with it an eerie possibility of negativity and instead of help calm the brain cells it helps provide a fire to the already stressed out mind.

The melody which is still loved by many has been replayed by some with loud music and songs that do not reveal much for a soul full indulgence. In spite of some music directors trying their best to ensure that the beauty of hindi songs that were in the past is maintained their are a majority of them who not like being in the lashes. For them vulgarity has replaced serenity and simplicity. Music videos portraying scenes that as a sane human you would like watching, lyrics that make you stand up and say " Stop this bullshit " but the trend has been completely monitored by majority. If people like what they see and hear musicians are bound to make that kind of music even if it's not their true calling. Music traverses across boundaries.

Their are plenty of songs which are heard by people across countries and boundaries if the music reaches the soul but if a culture exposes and shows vulgarity then that reconnect is broken forever. Our classical music is compared with the best in the world but with the constant nagging and fight between singers and music director we are not far from loosing that phase here in India. It's a responsibility to stand out but do not compromise with the essence of music that brings in a thought of fresh air, melody, romance and the beauty of falling in love. It sadly cant be done with the thought process of today's music. 
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