Peppy Fashionistas

Being peppy is a lot of fun when you possess the desired fashion sense. Their are diverse kinds of fashionistas standing to make a clear mark in the world with their approach towards style and fashion quotient somehow, people want to be like them. Being a trend setter is a big deal and when in an era where people are much more active in the way they perceive other fashion is a must.

Being peppy and sensible is a lovely way to highlight how you can be stylish and win the gorgeous and fun race of making fashion statements every now and then. Some of the styles sported by people could be pumped in as follows :
1.Going Vintage : Classic as it sounds going vintage can be seriously brain storming at the least as you need to mis-match stuff and be with times practically. Sporting cool bags, attire that speaks of class yet you sound grounded are overtly respected in different circles. But making it work for occasions can be a bit tedious at time. Though people who are indulgent know how to make that possible.

2.Go- all- sporty : So wearing stuff that speaks of being casual and sporty seems lovely with the youth. Carrying it off at occasions is an art in it self. I love sporting the look usually while travelling and making it sound casual all the while. It comfy, loving and extremely convenient, and one need not worry about anything going wrong. If you going with this one don't forget to flaunt a pretty watch :) ;)

3.In all femininity : Floral dresses, cardigans, lovely sandals are what rule this look. Peppy as fun as it may sound at the top and classic at the bottom one need's to be cautious while flaunting this flamboyant and pretty look. Try and mis-match where ever you are heading to. Whether its' a party or just a date, while you are travelling or giving a presentation. This look can never go out of place and helps you be at the top almost every time with a minimal makeup to make it look much more stylish.

4.All to formal : Pants, sandals ( mostly bellies), ruffle tops and beautiful jewelry that all what comprise this look. An ideal for office-goers you could flaunt this while travelling too. A bit similar to the above look and it one an combine this plus the feminine look, it would speak of authenticity and overwhelming response from your colleagues. Love indulging in this look almost daily when for office. Though a miss here and there is possible every time. So better be ready with touch ups for glossy make-up and some easy-doing hair styles on the go. Messy buns, pleats and buns with pleats would help you win this look easily.

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