Impact of realizing your true love

 I know I would be inviting a lot of criticism my way by writing this post. The impact of love on your life is beautiful and if that love is true and you constantly do not feel the same way you use to their are some sides that you need to mend. The impact of true love could not be bounded by any situation no matter how strong it may sound
Reason of my writing about this topic: A close friend of mine, the previous day was fretting about his girlfriend's behavior & was really worried, so thought why not write about the same. These are my personal opinions just for the majority of the lot, I am not offending anyone.
If love is real then it is meant to be a life long commitment. Fighting over petty issues & ruining your love life is as idiotic as it may sound. I discuss these three basic point every girl needs to keep in mind...                                
1. You must have loved something initially:  When the two of you first got together, there must be something that you would have liked about him. A habbit, or the tone of his voice. If you don't feel the charm anymore it's your fault. An initially likeness exist in all relationships which has to be cherished by both partners. Whether it's a couple married for 60 years who may sound like getting bored of each other after spending the long marital journey but it is quite not the way. If you loved him at that point rekindle the joy of loving you again.

2. Stop throwing tantrums: :) You heard it right. I have seen a lot of girls showing off & behaving weird with their boyfriends. Sorry to say but it will be good if they break off. In a committed relationship it's of vital importance that love is from both sides. If you hiding your love inside that is a bad idea. So if your boyfriend gets irritated by your mood swings then you must mind your habit's
3. Behave the way you want him to behave: Yes, it's true that in life we are meant to behave in the manner we want others to treat us. But under all circumstances this is a void statement. Lol... You can surely do it for your love if nothing else because love is the building block of all your emotions,bonds your work... It is responsible for your behavior with others. Try and be happy, make your love happy & rise with each other.
All these points hold good if  you & your lover, love or loved each other completely with due respect for each other. With so many cases of breakups & divorces it take love to be in question. It's not a word it gets you depressed after leaving your love so don't let go... Love him & make sure it doesn't happen with you.
But sometimes if you can not get along after many trials then it's better to let go......
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