Fantastico Trip to Mc Leodganj

Last year in December me and my family went to this beautiful place located above Himachal Pradesh. It's a beautiful hill station as a sub urban of Dharamshala and the district of Kangra. It's at an elevation of 2082 meters. This serene breathtakingly beautiful hill station is so beautiful and lovely that once you visit it you would crave to go to this place again and again. It took us some eleven hours to travel through the bus after crossing Chandigarh. 

But once you reach this place unlike any other hill station you would be won by the immense beauty it bestow, its full off some innocent looking people and water so pure coming directly through the Himalayas. Like most of the hill station their would be abrupt light drizzle to welcome you at every juncture of your stay here. I preferred the delicious Rajma Chawal that one of my friend told me to have here. There was this amazing dhaba in a low rise valley surrounding our hotel where we had the Rajma Chawal almost daily as one of our meals. 
Himachal as a state is quite peaceful with helpful and cute innocent people doing their daily chores and a lot of places that attract tourists in all seasons. No matter you can grace this place in summers and fill your winter morning with a hot cup of coffee enjoying snow clad mountains. 

The beauty is there in all seasons and you can plan a fantastico trip all year round at any time you wish to. Also for tourists planning a trip sometime soon its okay but for those of you who plan to pay a visit near winters please be cautious of land-slides that might happen somewhere at the start of December. As the valley stands just surrounded by the Himalayas I think that a lot of view would like to check for reports by the weather department rather than being stuck in the course of your journey. Mcleodganj is an awesome place with big Yaks to welcome you and fat white rabbits to play with you when you travel in the busy roads. I simply loved every part of my stay in Mcleodganj and would love to visit again sometime soon. 
Their are a lot of temples in the valley and you should visit the top three one's if you want to see the architecture and the beauty that the religious places have to offer to your soul. After paying a visit your soul would be thoroughly refreshed and you would beautifully fall in love with how the food, people and eternity treat you in this pleasant old valley. I have been to a lot of hill stations and I personally feel this is trip has been the best one so far. I cherish every moment I had here .  

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Impact of Jatt Andolan

With the recent agitation by jatt's in Haryana over their claim on reservation it severely impact the peace of a nation. The agitation if expressed peacefully could bring about a point in front of the government but losing out on the prosperity of the nation and making your point brought out may not only hamper peace but precious lives are also lost. I personally feel that the impact would be detrimental with a lot of innocent lives lost in the last three days. 
An agitation and peaceful way of expressing concern over a topic is allowed but gradually when the same becomes and possess a sense of violent back drop it becomes hazardous for the population and the culture as a whole. The recent Jatt agitation in Haryana where CRPF, Border Security Force being present for a safer environment to help safeguard the common public which are not indulging in any violent practice I feel that any agitation should not take the shape this ugly. We have seen a lot of incidents where communities disrupt actual peace and not only entail a violent environment but themselves fall prey to people and political forces thus running their vote bank politics and not respecting common man life's at any instance possible. They are just mad about power and stuff that they have control over. 
Communities are innocent they don't know how to tackle a situation this big but by passing o ill-logical remarks I don't see them to calm down. They would be much more violent if some one pass a derogatory remark against them at a point like this. As far as the motive is concerned I don't see anything where being violent would help them. Lives being taken among fights, loss of some crores of public property and making that loss account for other people is no way one can justify a calling. If you want something demand the same peacefully, setting fire to cars, buses and public property would not help any way, hitting on to public servants would not help but would rather call for actions from the authorities. I seriously am of the view that any agitation should be only done in a context where a point could be heard and then taken a conclusion for. Involving in tasks like hampering common office flow, disrupting routine would disturb a lot of people without any reason because you are asking the government of your demands and the common man can not help you out there. So peaceful agitation is something which need to set the norm. Public property is built up of hard earned money which we pay via taxes and hence its a deterioration of money and resources causing un-necessary angst in the heart of common public. 
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Macro Economics: Impact on Global Markets

Whenever one does financial modelling and after that possible valuation of a company to reach for an investment conclusion macro-economics play an important role in the decision making process. I personally garner a lot of insights when I am doing an investment report from what ever is going on in the macro economics of the world. Now if one considers a cyclical stock which moves with how the economy is going forward the consensus is easy as to see GDP numbers, PMI index and numbers that reflect up on the economy as a whole. Government policy intervention, RBI interest rate cuts or hikes are also an important indicator if you are tracking the banking sector or India Inc as a round of development. So both as an investor and as an analyst one needs to be cautious with the entire market perspective over laying macro-economic principles and it's impact on markets. 
While one forecasts Indian companies the industry average might be a good number to watch out for, so we have to gauge risk factor (beta as a number) and percentages of growth in years to come. Basically the set norm is five year forecast but some analysts do three years for a more realistic and short term advent of the markets on a particular stock. 
Running out of time you need not analyze almost every indicator possible but yes some numbers gives you an overall assumptions as to how ans when the numbers creep in the market, so we have both leading and lagging indicators which provides a holistic approach for looking at the market. Luckily macro economics has always been a subject I was concerned with, the indicating figures, the way markets depend on it and react to a particular news catches my eye and analysis. I love self engrossing my self in facts impacting global and local markets and how the reaction surpasses to investors. 
So value investing is something an investor should follow rather than indulging in blind games. So if a tip by our so called market experts are compelling you to Buy a particular stock do not just blindly follow the herd. It could cause some adverse losses in your kitty, rather do some thought full research and then buy stock for a long term instead of just making some quick bucks in day trading. For day traders if you are making money for ten consecutive sessions at a go the eleventh would be so detrimental that you would loose the entire amount and much more in the last. So investing is an art which is basically instinctive usually based on some guess but yes take calculated risk after some possible research on the company you are thinking of buying. 
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Impact of China on Global Markets

Chinese market have stumbles an overwhelming points over the last one year. We in India and globally investors are quite worried seeking the virtues and impact of the Chinese collapse on Indian and global markets as a whole. The worry can be seen in pessimist reviews by economists all over the world, but are Indian markets are at risk. 
The answer is NO and the consensus is based on the theory of how the economics in China are moving. They have invested huge sum of money in infrastructure projects and that too a lot of them are in their rural back drops. So they are awaiting money to be pinched in now in the economy once the projects start reaping in profits. Also, China has some minimalist debt from international bodies with huge foreign reserve lying in their disposition an year back. With the markets eroded completely they are now likely to hamper their foreign reserve outflow from four trillion dollar to 2.6 million dollars in times to come. 
The present quarter is likely to maintain some positive inclines in the global markets with the oil crisis likely to recover Chinese economy could see hard signs in the third quarter in times to come. I really think as an investor and equity analyst that their would be a huge impact globally but for India we are likely to remain aloof with some corrections. Also if you basically talk about the Chinese stock markets as such all stocks are quoted at ten times their actual valuation figures that holds a strong correction for shares trading at their all time highs right now. The economics are running weak with People Bank of China as their central bank tending to de-value the currency to pitch in for exports and cashing up on with the dollar. 
The remnibi or Chinese Yuan was last year added by the IMF in a group of currencies and that might have added as a plus point for the economy but rather than making use of the power that would have bestowed in the economy the China is far fetched to de-value its set state. Loosing its charm of an ever increasing rise of 10% year on year and now surpassing levels at a declining trend of 5-7% economists are debating as to how the markets would move herein. Industry experts are of the view that after an initial development is made in an economy stagnancy creeps in and one need to fight that with a lot of reforms from the government and that might be the reason that they are not seeing for the short term and are investing in the rural areas with a long term view. So we can be safe in a lot of respects with investing being likely to surpass levels as this is a good time to invest in stocks valued much lower than their actual levels. 
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Navigation for an easy journey

The word Navigation in itself demystify the fact that you can re-locate directions and destinations with easy and less hassle. You had to be cautious when you drove for a long drive earlier but in today's time relocating a destination or making out a random plan has been superficially become much more easy, convenient and fast with Global Positioning System enabled with the navigation tools in your vehicle. 
So if you are trying to compete and cover longer distances or taking past in road trip competition you need to possess some powerful and self-enabling navigation. Even if your vehicle does not possess an in-built one you can always buy a hand-held device in which there are maps and systems that could co-relate with your current location. Sending and receiving locations over that device would be much more easy for longed out journeys. For service providers that provide users with paid cars where you can travel GPS and Navigation tools are a bliss as they can easily locate a car in case of fraudulent practices by users. I personally love long drives with friends and I love going to places which have a beautiful serenity to itself. But from the last two years the experience has been much more empowering than we previously had. So in all the advancement has helped us to be insured while we travel. A concept where navigation was powerfully installed in ships, airplanes and satellites the same technology being linked with cars is something that was less thought of 5 years earlier. But now its a common norm to switch on the GPS even when you are travelling through a taxi from android apps to some devices that have automated positioning that could be linked to your present location. Their are added features like Music access : 
1.Quick access to your Music : Connect your mobile easily to your car speakers without any hassle with this device
2.Last Location : Each driving session should be saved with your current location to easy remember the place where you last parked your car.You can alternate between three different modes of searching : Google Maps plus Radar View and 3D reality view augmented for virtual supplement
3. Maps at your service : Quick access to Google maps service with voice overs in case you are travelling alone. 
4. Co-pilot GPS : Some of the apps which enable route planning, With its driver-friendly turn directions plus some powerful trip planning and the coolest offline maps possibility , this app is always ready to guide your way through, even when there’s network coverage or the internet not taking a clue. Driver friendly 2D and 3D view. 
5. Speed Limit warning : If you exceeding the set speed limit their would be warning by the device to keep you safe at all levels even when you are on an empty road.
6 Safety precautions : A by default feature to send your family your last location every one or two hours as set.
So use Navigation and keep safe.
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How every love story is incomplete without Music

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain - Bob Marley
Being in love and not expressing it with music is a big NO. I don't think you must have ever been complete with a love story without music. I guess its not logical to be in love with music at all. Also if you see Bollywood I don't think you could rule out the fact that 90% of the stuff made by music directors isn't anything but romantic songs. So music is the heart of every love story. From "Mere Sapno Ki Rani Kab Aayegi tu " by Kishore Da to " Hello" by Lionel Richie there is almost very rare singers that would not indulge in making love songs with a love undertone to it.

Music can be free from love but love can not be free from music. Even if you see art films with nil or no songs in them even for a love scene they would rely on a light instrumental playing at the back. Love is an essence and no better way to express the more illogical functioning of both the heart and the brain with a poetic composition or a lovely songs. You can be expressive with words but music ensures a transition it helps make you through with one of the best known human feeling, that is Love.

Love needs no bounds and music similarly needs to bound, it traverses through boundaries making your love profess and lined with the feeling of both joys and sorrows. Even when the beloved moves away the times are laden with sorrows a song is their to fill in the void. I personally feel that sad songs win the race when its come to longevity of listening a composition. I don't know why but it feels as if one can relate to the sadness even when he or she has never fallen in love ever before. I still remember I was in first year college and in the month long vacation we had in summers I would just listen to three sad songs, I don't know what I liked in those songs at the moments but maybe it was the adolescence that was playing its part or just the relation I felt with the protagonist of the movie. So in short it meant that its easy to make a connection when you in love or are going to fall in one with music.

The transition helps you demystify a lot of ill logical stuff and love and the expression of music go hand in hand. I personally love music composed by Shankar Mahadevan, AR Rehman, Jatin lalit, Himesh Reshamiya, IIayraja , Pritam and the likes.

Hence the conclusion is " Love without Music is not perfect ;) " PERIOD
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Fantastico Book : A Must Read

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.”
― George R.R. Martin, A Dance with Dragons

Conversation start a must and when you read conversations are thoughtful. I would like to share some fantastico books that everyone must read in order to have an impact much more powerful than being ideal. Some of the books are from really diverse genres and if you prefer these you must surely be getting your hands on these.
  1. Stay Hugry Stay Foolish : This one is by Rashmi Bansal and she pens down some inspirational stories of 25 IIM graduates who starts a path of their own, they are risk-takers, lovely souls who want to bring about an active change and fight all odds with their own understanding rather than going with the rules set by society.
  2. The Power of the Sub concious Mind - By Dr. Joseph Murphy : I got this book when I was in college but could read it before I was in my final year due to some reason. But ever since I read it for the first time in the next four years I have read it again and again just to help myself engage in the power that the sub-conscious bestows on us. The immense logic that the writer pass o to the reader would hold you spell bound and you would want to believe in the writings and practice the same with your utmost concentration.
  3. Th Monk who sold his Ferrari : By Robin S Sharma, this one was gifted to me by my mother on my 17th Birthday and I could not help but read the book in on go. I still remember I did not ate dinner because I was so engrossed in the writing of this magnificent story- teller. Some beautiful teachings which you can practice in your daily life and help achieve your dreams. If you make following these in your routine I am sure anyone can hone their skills at the best level achievable. The principles are basic yet the story is engaging at some higher levels. 
  4. Guide to Indian Stock Market : By Jitendra Gala, one of the good investor advice could be found in this book. I did invest but with little understanding but I had this book in my kitty, I have achieved high scores with the reading of this book in a lot of my Finance exams. The style is simple yet enthralling, you will get a hang of how the markets function and what all instruments you can invest in. From equities, to debt, to futures and options you would find both short and long term instrument guide in this simple book for investors. 
Hope you liked the list of books penned down here. DO read one if you haven had the chance to gorge on these . Thanks, Take care folks !

I hope everyone that is reading this is having a really good day. And if you are not, just know that in every new minute that passes you have an opportunity to change that. - Gillian Anderson

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Navigation : The New Breathe to Life

Making the world go small with the powers in your hand. That's what Navigation does to you. Both in-built automotive navigation and in GPS (global positioning system) enabled devices like your mobile phone help unravel and give you the power to rule the road at your senses. Pages of life with your travel experience could be shared with the world over some written memoirs but what if you do not possess a hand-held device, ready to use platform to unravel the mysterious paths. Navigation has some cool new features that help make your vehicle safe and convenient.

When you leave your car un-attended and there is any kind of theft the GPS helps you locate the vehicle even after you have lost track of it. It store a unique number with every device and with another linked device you can easily locate it with the help of a service provider or the police in cases of critical theft.

For women who are travelling alone, its best to have a GPS enabled device or one fitted in your car. This would not only safeguard you from possible threats as to one's travelling experience is enriched with the thought of going safe all the time. If you with a group of friends but still don't know where the road would end its better to check rather than landing somewhere isolated and locked in an unwanted company. Especially for long road trips Navigation is a bliss. It helps ensure that you travel with all chords attached, you can even send your present location to your family or friends at the click of a button in times of crisis or if you are stuck in an unwanted event. Being automated and assured by advanced technology has both its pros and cons, it not only provides you with the freedom of being where you want to be but also a clause of safety attached with it. It not only bring a liberal soul which wants to navigate and move in un attended destinies but also helps you find them with the least possible diversions.

Some of my friends went to a road trip to Mount Abu when I was studying in Gujarat and they were stuck in a trail, they haven't switched on the in-built navigation system in the car and were relying on a friend who thought he knew the entire path and would need no help. After some 200 kilo meter they did not know where they should be heading or calling for some help. They tried asking people nearby and most of them did not had a fair clue as to which direction they should go. They were pissed off at the friend but in the end navigation helped them sail through their destination without any further hassle. 
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Impact of Hard Work on your life

"The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand." - Vince Lombardi  
I still remember November 2014 when my placement season has just started and I wanted to make it to the very first company that came on campus. It was offering a hefty package and I wanted to be in marketing though I had some much aversion from the field that I can express. I always had this inclination towards Finance and I wanted to do something in it sooner or later. But my ideas were wrong and hence at the very start I did not get what I prayed for almost daily. I cringed at the thought of landing up a job I wasn't going to like in the long run, but somehow I convinced myself that at this point this is what is right. I was extremely good at finance because I liked the very thought of being into equity research and the likes. 
I wanted to make a mark but with the current profile I was doomed badly. I tried searching for other opportunities with some really brain storming interviews and people asking some three years of experience to say the least for almost any profile I stumbled across in those times. So once I made up my mind that I am not gonna settle for this I started working really hard every day. 
So I use to come from office and after dinner studied for at least three- four hours unless I had no energy left. I studied stuff that I wasn't good at, I made notes started understanding accounts much more ( as I am from an Engineering background, accounts doesn't come to me naturally ). I started appearing for more and more interviews and then finally I got in one of the best profiles a person from Finance can ask for. I was finally into equity research and that too with one of the best investment banks in the world. So if I had lost the hope that I could have done and come so far, or if I wouldn't  have knocked my days in books, never committed to do such hard work, practice till the wee hours at night, exercised my mind with what I was expected to too I would still be sitting in that office cabin not liking my job. With the profile I am not only earning good, I feel satisfied with each day's learning, whatever I do is what I love and that's what matters in the end, doesn't it. But I am very clear with one thing, the impact my hard work had on my careers with God's grace could not be matched with any other blessing so far. So I tried my best and then I got what I desired. Off with another dream now :) ;)
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Fantastico Apps+Features on Itunes

Itunes for Apple users is a bliss. You get some high end apps and games with beautiful animation specially for Apple users. I have been an apple user for the last two years and I can proudly say that the experience has been lovely so far. The apps ranging from Finance, Books, Business, Education, Entertainment, Games, Lifestyle, Kids, Magazines and Newspaper, Medical, Music, Navigation, Photo- Video, Shopping, Social Networking, Sports, Travel, Weather has it all. You name it and their would be an app somewhere to cater to your needs. Today I would mention some relatively good functionalities in the Apple Iphone. 
  1. Siri : We all know about this pretty intelligent remarks of Artificial intelligence with whom you can complete almost 60% of the things that you would require on a daily basis. Whether you need to set an alarm, post a reminder, search something over the net, need to know the song whose lyrics you could not remember, everything and any thing could be done with this amazing feature. Even if you are ideal and want to talk to someone in isolation this would help you out. 
  2. Economic Times : I have used Samsung phones before switching in to apple, but this app has changed for the good and transitioned itself unbelievably from Samsung to the Apple. The interface is much more smooth, the tabs are easy to locate and you can save a lot of news highlights for future reference on the go.
  3. Instagram : In love with this app, we all know that this app is made for mobile users and Apple wins every function in it hands down. Its easy to navigate, use and convenient, the speed suppose some cool features especially for Apple users.
  4. Netflix : A smooth version for people who like gorging on some cool stuff from the telecast ed  shows from the west. No interruptions for paid version but yes its pretty new to India so there would be some scope of improvement as we explore it more.
  5. You Cam Perfect : Perfect as it may sound, you can make your selfies and pictures beautiful in just one swipe. With amazing features one can add some much needed oomph in those random boring clicks. Whether you want to enhance that smile, or want to add some blush to your cheeks this app is at your disposal 24*7. 
This is it. I know the post highlight some basic features of the Apple Store but I would pitch in with some more stuff later, so stay tuned. The post is not meant to exceed or derail other phones in the market but just to highlight basic convenience that as an apple user I have felt. Especially in times of need when the internet connectivity is not that fantastic apps from the store helps you save and read stored versions. Hope you like the post. Take care folks !
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Music Therapy : A Genius in Disguise

Music revels a sense of relied to the soul. I would share a small story here where music unraveled a whole new world full of health and positive energy in an old man's life.

Their was this old man who was very ill, he had a sever attack of paralysis some 10 years back and was bed-ridden ever since. His wife and two daughters were very caring and supported him in all his tasks. They provided him with utmost attention and heard to his complains and ordeal at the end of the day with a smile on his face. One of his daughters was a classical Bharatnatyam dancer and she use to teach students coming from the vicinity every evening in the garage which was used as a store room by the family. Their were small girls coming and having fun while learning from their teacher, Nandini. Nandini was a beautiful soul, she was a good-natured, simple yet a very dynamic person.

She has graced many events with her performance and she loved teaching and garnering her love of Bharatnatyam with more and more people. She was an MBA and was doing a well paying job in an Multi National Company but even the hard-day work could not help diminish her passion for dance. She use to practice in the evening while making it easy for her disciples to learn the intricacies involved in the beautiful carnage of classical music. Mayyapa ( the old man ) has become really frustrated  for the last one year because of his illness. He use to complain all the time, raise his voice to shoo away the kids away who sometimes came in the house for a refreshing drink in the evenings.

There was this particular girl named "Maya" who had this unique habit of touching Mayyapa feet every day as she entered the house. Mayyapa used to feel a bit relaxed when she was around. She saw little Nandini in Maya. He use to miss those moments when Nandini after her school danced in front of her father and showed him what she learnt in Bharatnatyam. Mayyapa would clap and hold the adorable little Nandini feeling proud as a father.

One day Mayyapa asked Maya to sing him one of the Adavus (the first one) to him and dance if she want to show him what she has learnt so far. Maya respected Mayyapa very much and treated her like his own father. She did as told and this became a daily process. After a month one day Maya and some of her friends were playing in the front yard when Maya fell on teh ground, she was bleeding profusely. Mayyapa was watching the kids play from his window. He suddenly ran towards the front end and held Maya in his arms. He brought the kid inside and called fr his wife from the kitchen. After 15 minutes of first aid Maya was feeling well now. But this incident brought life to a paralyzed soul. Something was to be thanked and that was Music and the love for the people around you. Hope you liked the story

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Impact of a Car Accident on Human Life

Ever wondered what marks an injury or an accident could cause to a family. There are news items highlighting random incidents as to how a small child was mercilessly killed in a car accident or a young lady tramped over by a vehicle. What after that ? What happens to the family ? What if the lady has a small kid who has lost his mother forever, what about the parents who lost their toddler at such a young age because of someone's rash driving. These are the questions which every one needs to ask and answer them for the sake of someone' else family.

If parents ensure that their kid should never drink or drive, they might be able to save someone's else beloved. Also the irony of killing someone and then fighting for your own's life in a court would justify the situation one has brought the other family in. I would not name a celebrity who lost her only son in a car accident, it wasn't his fault but of another car which was driven by a rich brat who was practically in no state to drive after galloping immense alcohol.

Their are incidents in my personal family as well where one of my uncles was completely paralyzed at a very young age when a car crushed both his legs while he was waiting for a bus. India is one of the few countries with incidents of car accidents reaching impossible numbers. Where rash driving can be seen in busy traffic laden roads, where the possibility of a poor human is nothing more than a few bucks. But let us all stop here and mention the fact that life can not be ever compared with money, no matter how materialistic gains you could empower the family with, the reality of a person being gone is un-matched. The impact which an accident causes a family is beyond mending.

A member who would never come back because of someone's else mistake is something that is not accepted. Something which is so grave yet people are helping rise the number is cases bring us a picture that no matter how much we educate the youth they are still oblivious with the life of a human. If the same situation happen with our own family we tend to preach and fight but for other we provide with least help.

Recently a person in Bangalore after giving vote was crushed by a lorry driver and his body was cut into half. Standing by the people who passes paid the least attention to him and instead of him being brought to the nearest hospital he was left their unattended for an hour. Now how less we can lie for this unflinching incident where the victim is not even realized of any help. I just wanted to share my agony here. I hope for any body reading the post, some sort of change would be brought.

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Peppy Music : Where is the essence ?

The generation that is mine is a bit different from the old classic types. Those one's had an amazing love for music whereas ours is just running and not asking for taking a second to think and introspect. Music connects with the soul its an inlet which helps you tranquilize your inner self amidst stress, pressure and nervousness. But what is music of today. A lot of old classic singers till the early 2000s complain that not only the lyrics, the background music has been nothing but a feeling of crap made out these days. It's not that I am against transition but most of you would agree that I have a point here. We need not make good music all the time but yeah at least we could try. But people in the industry make stuff that is being liked by the general public they are least concerned about the soul fullness or the essence that lingers after listening to a good song.

What we as common people are making vulgar songs our party anthem, music that is the heart of parties and events. Loudness creeps in with it an eerie possibility of negativity and instead of help calm the brain cells it helps provide a fire to the already stressed out mind.

The melody which is still loved by many has been replayed by some with loud music and songs that do not reveal much for a soul full indulgence. In spite of some music directors trying their best to ensure that the beauty of hindi songs that were in the past is maintained their are a majority of them who not like being in the lashes. For them vulgarity has replaced serenity and simplicity. Music videos portraying scenes that as a sane human you would like watching, lyrics that make you stand up and say " Stop this bullshit " but the trend has been completely monitored by majority. If people like what they see and hear musicians are bound to make that kind of music even if it's not their true calling. Music traverses across boundaries.

Their are plenty of songs which are heard by people across countries and boundaries if the music reaches the soul but if a culture exposes and shows vulgarity then that reconnect is broken forever. Our classical music is compared with the best in the world but with the constant nagging and fight between singers and music director we are not far from loosing that phase here in India. It's a responsibility to stand out but do not compromise with the essence of music that brings in a thought of fresh air, melody, romance and the beauty of falling in love. It sadly cant be done with the thought process of today's music. 
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The Impact of waking up early

Waking up early has some beautiful instances that could shape up your entire life for the very good. It not only gives you the extra hours to retrospect life from the past to what's - going- on- currently. Waking up early and doing some exercise or meditating would help ensure that you have a beautiful day ahead, it helps beat up a lot of unwanted stress that you might be engaging in daily. For ladies or young women waking up early can save them from running at the last moment for work. This means they can do their daily chores in the morning and still have time to leisurely enjoy a hot cup of coffee. 
I have seen some people going for morning walk really early with their family or a stroll with their spouse just for a brisk walk and inhaling fresh air as such. I wish I could incorporate this habit in my life some how. Though I wake up pretty early , I usually do some Yoga in the morning with a half and hour session of meditation I personally feel I could wake up an hour early than my usual timings. The thing is after returning late night from the office one wants to steal some morning time. But yes if you bring in that routine and make a schedule it would pay in the long run. I sometimes apply a face pack in the morning and stroll reading something light. It gives me the much wanted power to face the day straight away with my full strength. I just love those two hours of leisure I had to my disposal, the chirps in the morning, taking a hot bath in winters with some extra minutes, lovingly inhaling the fresh dew drops ridden flowers and everything that follows with the morning dusk . I am simply in awe with the beauty that's bestowed by the morning ripples. Especially in months like February where the whether speaks of the spring, where the pleasantness is immensely heart felt and lovely mist that fills in the air. I am sounding too poetic in this post, ain't I ? As they say : "When romance is in the air you can't help but feel romantic"
Now that's a feeling I was trying to portray, with romance laden mist you bring out the optimism the positive vibes around you. You can help but feel the thrill life ensue with us, the forces have a voice and I think they are the most active before the sunrise and the time when the mighty sun is about to bring the joy in this beautiful world. The beauty can not be compared to anything else in the world. The impact it has on the senses is beyond comparison. So make it a habit to wake up early and feel the joy within.
This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

Impact of physical fitness on my life

Exercising and following a strict diet is very crucial in today's time. Our stable yet suffocating lifestyle which starts from home ends through office hours leave less time and relatively less energy to indulge in any kind of heavy physical activity. The leisure of enjoying fresh air is gone taken away by the time which allowed us to do the same as the previous generations enjoyed. Intake of fresh oxygen is overtaken by the smoky and polluted air when we fight to reach office on time amidst heavy rush hour traffic. Physical fitness has now taken new forms of activity, Yoga classes, aerobics, Zumba and Gyming.
Though it means that you are involved in exercises that would pump up the oxygen level and your active muscle cells as well, at the least it signifies much less than what we can achieve with our monotonous work life. Balancing out work, personal and physical life it leaves us some cautious minutes to try and figure out how we can remain much more active by giving time to both our time and body.
The impact which exercise has on our metabolism is immense. You can not rule out the significance of a healthy diet with the same. Exercising and eating junk would not possess the job even half done. You would detroit your body if you are practicing such habits. The impact would be fatal and beyond repair if we do not take care and watch what we eat.  
Also meditating for an active and stress free mind is critical as a practice these days. We do refrain from meditating because the actual art is not practice in all its might. You need not focus anywhere or make your mind free of any thoughts, its a natural form in which you practice conscious sleep, that is you just need to be sit still in the said posture and inhale some fresh air with eyes closed. Yoga, Pranayam can be done before practicing meditation so as to relax tensed brain muscles. It also helps restrain your mind from previous thoughts as you focus on your breath for a significant amount of time. 
"Love thy body an love thy mind with meditation"
It not only ensures concentration with utmost supervision but also a relaxed muscle which helps built and take you away from any form of stress that is lingering up on your brain, making it less flexible to changes and  pressure. A status quotient these days is when you do something just for the sake of it just because your friends might be following a set rule. Every kind of activity whether its's yoga, meditation, pranayam or heavy muscle workout is just to make your body free from accumulated fat, enhancing metabolic strength and making to feel liberalized as a human. So happy exercising folks !
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Exploring the world with powerful navigation tools

Human tendency is to explore new places with the least possible resources available. Whether going liberally out in the mountains or deep valleys, it gives an immense pleasure of achieving freedom by going on for the road less traveled. The journey has been made much more safe and exciting given some wonderful roads trailing across the globe by GPS enables and powerful Navigation tools. You can enter almost any transition with these helpful tools traversing in low-rise valleys, super high rocky terrains and what not. The power to explore has been immensely increased now and one can be free to go on road trips with friends or find an office for an interview.
Recently a group of three female friends traveled across the globe setting a record drive of exquisite kilometers. So from Delhi to London, travelling 17 countries, over 21,477 kilo meters. What a magical journey it would have been and I am sure they must have thanked automotive navigating inbuilt in their car. The trip has been excited specially making them feel safe and sound with tools enabling them to know a lot of interesting fact about the destinations they achieved in the journey. The motive behind the journey was to highlight women empowerment and no boundaries are there which a women can not leap. But this possibility is because of ever ending advancements of global positioning, navigation ( both in-built and enabled in another device). 
Another added feature is that it tells the driver about traffic, interesting fun facts about places that come in between, also its much more reliable for multiple paths, tunnels and difficult trails. Real time data capturing is what lies behind this technology. Sensors are enabled to trap data from varied sources and then transferred  the same into signals. So being diversified and relying with the whole world as it seems is what Navigation brings to you. One can explore more with these tools, so being automated help sustain the diversity entrapped in the world. Go on, be liberal, try and entice the world, travel to different places, help make the world a smaller ideal with the power and the convenience to approach cultural diversities at the click of a button. The fun of driving with your friends and going for long drives, entrapping the moods with soulful energy that a new place bring to you.
I wish I could drive to the Himalaya's and stay there for a few days, make my self comfortable and meditate to my heart content. Won't that be an enthralling experience where I can do what I want to but yes driving to the Himalaya's in a car with my loved one's would be one of the best journeys ever. Cherish able moments with navigation, friends, lovely environment and everything that embraces you on the way. 
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Significance of Music in my Life

Being from an academic family one might think that I have no inclination towards music. But the consensus would be proved wrong as all my family members are music fanatics. My father is a big fan of Kishore Da and almost every evening when we are together ( all four of us ) we play old classics sung by Kishore Kumar. I remember all lyrics of almost 95% of the songs sung by him. Me and my brother had almost nothing in common when it comes to music, he is a fan of Pink Floyd and Punjabi versions whereas I like classics ( like my father), new singers (as I am a big Bollywood fan) from today's times. Also I am not in love with Punjabi songs but could sing almost all songs as my brother make me listen to them quite often, almost on every weekends when I am at home :). Hence music has a core significance on every thing I do. I have songs for every situation on my playlist. In fact I gorge on playlist with mood names, so if I am travelling I have different set of songs. If I am at home after a hard day work and I want to listen something light I prefer another list, if after the same day I want to listen something high-in pitch I listen to the other list. So I keep categorizing songs according to my moods and it really helps me as I need not search for songs every now and then. 
Even for meditation I have some beautiful instrumental music which relaxes my inner soul and help me concentrate. I like songs which possess good lyrics, have a good music and which can be heard even oh high decibels - so that means even on speakers ;) So with head phone on I could roam around any where with a smile in my heart. Old albums from singers like Sonu Nigam, Udit Narayan , Kumar Sanu and Alka Yagnik. I could hear to every songs , every moment of my life if given a chance. Though in today's hectic schedule we rarely get a chance to indulge in music , that's a reason I never miss a chance. My job involves some constant conscious decisions and I don't have the liberty to listen to music of any kind in those eleven hours.  
My current top three songs are from the movie : "Hamari Adhuri Kahani" starting Emraan Hashmi & Vidya Balan. Though I did not like the movie the songs are breathtakingly beautiful. The singers are new and vibrant, the music is awesome. Hasi : Male version sung by  Ami Mishra, Yeh Kaisi Jagah Le Aaaye ho Tum : Sung by Deepali Sathe and Humanava sung by Papon. These are personal favorite and I go back to Pune when ever I listen to these songs with closed eyes. 
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The Playlist : A Musical Co-incidence

Me: Yeah I went there while touring with seniors but haven't got a chance to practice there. Woow so you wake up so early to practice? I clearly sounded dumbstruck :)

Him: Yeah it’s been a habit now since so many years that's why had to find a place.
So what else do you like to listen. Any new additions after meeting some cool profs here? Can i see your playlist??

**Now that was quite open**

Me: "Umm yeah you can" ,though I was taken aback at him asking to see my playlist. Who does that really and that too in the very first meeting.

Hence I had to hand him my phone with my 8 playlists of contemporary, classical , rock and instrumentals in there.

After over two minutes I saw his eyes widening as if he has found a treasure trove.

 Me: What happened I know my taste in music is not that conventional but I like listening to my kinda a music and not following whats in the pop charts these days.

He interrupts me and says:"Our kind of music"

I breathe and say "What?" Our kind of music?

He opens up his phone and places it on my desk revealing his own playlist. I try going past some of the songs for a while and then I am just hooked
 * How is this even possible*
2348 songs and that too the exact same. I didn’t saw the entire list but whatever I have seen so far is an exact replica of my playlist.
There are Ghazals from Ghulam Ali and Jagjit Ji. There are old classical and some numbers from Abba. A twist of them from some recent rock bands and some popular violin instruments from the Bach.
The one I played on the day of my audition is also there. I can’t believe my eyes
I just put his phone down and face him with a host lot of confusion in my mind.

I dont know if its right to ask but its not practically feasible to have the exact same amount of songs the same numbers in two playlists when both if them belong to particular strangers.

**Or is it possible**

He was staring at phone with no expression on his face.
I must say he was so damn handsome and looked innocent with those lost eyes at that very moment. He stood up shook hands with me and said will see you tomorrow.

Him : Nice stumbling across your playlist Riya. I never thought it could ever happen.
And without even hearing what I was feeling he left my sight.

So what does this playlist thing has to do with their destiny. Would they be best friends now sharing their immense love of music?

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Does that music give you goosebumps?

There are certain songs which enliven's one soul whenever or where you hear them. I have some particular songs which rather gives me the chills up my spine every time I listen to them. The possibility of making a song fall into this category I have examined certain factors that help form a song either fall under you special playlist or being the best song to lighten up your mood every time you hymn the tune or plug those ear-phones. 
  1. Your lovable singer : So whether it's classic, rock or melodies, if the singer is of your choice you tend to hear with utmost indulgence and caution as you believe in his/her capabilities. The pitch, voice modulations, the highs the lows, everything that comprise of a song is made by the lyrics, music and singer. In love with the voice and if the music director has done his job nicely than it might be listed among one of your top choices. For me Mohd Rafi, Kishore Da, Sonu Nigam, Arijit Singh, K.K, Shreya Goshal, Kavita Krishnamurthy tops the list when it comes to my ideal singers. For English I love Lionel Richie, Bruno Mars, Enrique (Spanish songs as well ;) ) Lady Antebellum, Justin Bieber etc. So I particularly watch out for new releases or their old songs which I haven't got a chance to listen
  2. The Music :As mentioned above if the music is not note worthy then no matter how good it's sung it wont have that impression. Though in old songs you has minimal music and some breathtaking lyrics and singing abilities to steal the show, its quite difficult with the new generation of singers implying a lot on digitization of voice, modulation and stuff. Music uplifts the environment. Sometimes I just listen to the song far off just for the music because its so appalling than the actually lyrics or the complete song in context. 
  3. Lyrics : Last but not the least when it comes to the composition and lyrics one has to be divergent as majority of the songs in Bollywood are romance based and being a big 90s fan I guess I love the style with which they confessed their love, those first meeting, notorious instances and making way to a life together. I have some really old classic like forever in my playlist and I love listening to them after a hard day at work or when I am depressed with the basic happenings in life, or when I am not happy with a possibility. Music really helps bring out the cherished version of my old memories. Also if a song you heard is associated with an old loved memory than it's bound to be in your top charts. I could possibly associate a lot of songs with my hostel life, or places I loved visiting. A picnic or a nice trip where we were heading too and their played a song which linked me to those memories. All lie in the beautiful forever list of music :) :)

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Peppy Fashionistas

Being peppy is a lot of fun when you possess the desired fashion sense. Their are diverse kinds of fashionistas standing to make a clear mark in the world with their approach towards style and fashion quotient somehow, people want to be like them. Being a trend setter is a big deal and when in an era where people are much more active in the way they perceive other fashion is a must.

Being peppy and sensible is a lovely way to highlight how you can be stylish and win the gorgeous and fun race of making fashion statements every now and then. Some of the styles sported by people could be pumped in as follows :
1.Going Vintage : Classic as it sounds going vintage can be seriously brain storming at the least as you need to mis-match stuff and be with times practically. Sporting cool bags, attire that speaks of class yet you sound grounded are overtly respected in different circles. But making it work for occasions can be a bit tedious at time. Though people who are indulgent know how to make that possible.

2.Go- all- sporty : So wearing stuff that speaks of being casual and sporty seems lovely with the youth. Carrying it off at occasions is an art in it self. I love sporting the look usually while travelling and making it sound casual all the while. It comfy, loving and extremely convenient, and one need not worry about anything going wrong. If you going with this one don't forget to flaunt a pretty watch :) ;)

3.In all femininity : Floral dresses, cardigans, lovely sandals are what rule this look. Peppy as fun as it may sound at the top and classic at the bottom one need's to be cautious while flaunting this flamboyant and pretty look. Try and mis-match where ever you are heading to. Whether its' a party or just a date, while you are travelling or giving a presentation. This look can never go out of place and helps you be at the top almost every time with a minimal makeup to make it look much more stylish.

4.All to formal : Pants, sandals ( mostly bellies), ruffle tops and beautiful jewelry that all what comprise this look. An ideal for office-goers you could flaunt this while travelling too. A bit similar to the above look and it one an combine this plus the feminine look, it would speak of authenticity and overwhelming response from your colleagues. Love indulging in this look almost daily when for office. Though a miss here and there is possible every time. So better be ready with touch ups for glossy make-up and some easy-doing hair styles on the go. Messy buns, pleats and buns with pleats would help you win this look easily.

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Impact for a lifetime

The last week has been awesomely cool and engaging with my Convocation lined up on 6th March the news has me grilling & chirpy last week. From booking tickets to making plans with friends I loved every bit of last week. The news was awaited for so long as I would be receiving my MBA degree from some of the finest people in the industry. We had Mr.Modi, Mukesh Ambani and BP's chairman Bob Dudley at the last convocation and was expecting some renowned names this year as well. But Anandi Behen, Gujarat's current CM would be coming to grace the event. It's an event one waits for a lifetime and relive last college moments once again. With my lush green campus in sights, lovely friends and juniors I am counting every day now. We would be wearing sarees and enjoying every bit some best known names in the sector , Vice Presidents and CEO's from diverse backgrounds to interact with us students. I am working currently for an investment bank I love every part of my job. But last year I was in February I was cribbing a hell lot just because I wasn't happy with the profile I was placed in but somethings have an impact of a lifetime. No matter I cribbed and cringed at the very thought o moving to a new city with no clue about I made my way up the ladder with God's grace and honed skills which I thought I lagged in. I am extremely happy with the full circle I have come in, I respect my choices, my decisions and that's a strong Impact that transition does to your life. You may be disappointed at some instances but life takes you with severe hits, carves you for whatever you wished for and then gifts that to you. But the journey is what matters the most. I made some great friends over the course of last year and landed up in a job of my interest that too in my hometown. 
The intricacies which we tend to miss are loving every instance of our lives, seeking the next moments which might bring golden opportunities for us and garnish our world with memories and cherish-able moments. Things happen for a reason and as a human you need to understand that their is a learning hidden somewhere in hard times. One need to pin-point and love those hard times as well. Gauge who stands with you in those times and support your dreams, how your family helps you bug up with every step lost. Friends that were there when you needed them and helps and provides a thrust for your success who are happy when you get what you thrived for. So that was my journey, an Impact which helped me accept a lot of crucial stuff which I was unaware of.

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My fantastico Indulgence : February

February has been really a kick start month this year. I explored a lot online from apps to music everything random. Instagram has my dedicated time as well. I loved the fact that I could devote some quality time for things I love, so basically it was a fantastico month so far for me. What wins the race are skills as follows :
  1. Permanent Room Mates Season 2: So after their season 1st online last year everyone who followed the show must have eagerly awaited for this season. The episode had exceeded all my expectation in full swing. With new characters coming as part of Mikesh's family and Tanya expecting that too quite unexpectedly ;) ;). So the series start with them meeting at a bar where Mikesh is trying too woo Tanya in all his might. I guess the motive was to enliven their relationship as he would be leaving for the US in a week's time. Though the activity did not shape as planned but the scene is pretty hilarious and that's what you expect from TVF series similar to Season 1 of both Permanent Room Mates, The Pitchers , Chai Sutta Chronicles and the likes.
    Courtesy : Screenshot from
  2. Daisy Chain : A paid game on the Itunes App Store (designed for toddlers aged 4-6) with some beautiful animation and voice over by "Kate Winslet" I totally fell in love with everything the game summarizes. Though I am a bit childish in a lot of respect I specially downloaded the game just for the visuals. And I must seriously admit I am not a wee bit disappointed. The only thing that hampered the smooth flow for anyone is the fact that you need to start the game over and over again once you close it. So that pisses me off sometimes. But I would give the game a four start for sure.
  3. Eve : Another app on the Itunes App Store this has some lovely make-up tutorials which any one can watch on the go. The specialty lies in the fact that they suggest and offer a lot of products that could be used while doing the style that too with the product being offered online and at what cost. This app is a much have for beauty lovers with both make up and hair tutorials provided with much ado and precise description. I am overtly happy with the app so far and have watched half of the tutorials in the last two days. Thanks to the makers for this app.
  4.  Hotstar : Some people would laugh when they stumble over this one as I am not a huge fan of watching serials regularly but I had this craving to watch Navya which was telecasted a few years back when I was in college so just to engross myself in that time again I started watching the old episodes. Its a good creation by the way.

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Impact of realizing your true love

 I know I would be inviting a lot of criticism my way by writing this post. The impact of love on your life is beautiful and if that love is true and you constantly do not feel the same way you use to their are some sides that you need to mend. The impact of true love could not be bounded by any situation no matter how strong it may sound
Reason of my writing about this topic: A close friend of mine, the previous day was fretting about his girlfriend's behavior & was really worried, so thought why not write about the same. These are my personal opinions just for the majority of the lot, I am not offending anyone.
If love is real then it is meant to be a life long commitment. Fighting over petty issues & ruining your love life is as idiotic as it may sound. I discuss these three basic point every girl needs to keep in mind...                                
1. You must have loved something initially:  When the two of you first got together, there must be something that you would have liked about him. A habbit, or the tone of his voice. If you don't feel the charm anymore it's your fault. An initially likeness exist in all relationships which has to be cherished by both partners. Whether it's a couple married for 60 years who may sound like getting bored of each other after spending the long marital journey but it is quite not the way. If you loved him at that point rekindle the joy of loving you again.

2. Stop throwing tantrums: :) You heard it right. I have seen a lot of girls showing off & behaving weird with their boyfriends. Sorry to say but it will be good if they break off. In a committed relationship it's of vital importance that love is from both sides. If you hiding your love inside that is a bad idea. So if your boyfriend gets irritated by your mood swings then you must mind your habit's
3. Behave the way you want him to behave: Yes, it's true that in life we are meant to behave in the manner we want others to treat us. But under all circumstances this is a void statement. Lol... You can surely do it for your love if nothing else because love is the building block of all your emotions,bonds your work... It is responsible for your behavior with others. Try and be happy, make your love happy & rise with each other.
All these points hold good if  you & your lover, love or loved each other completely with due respect for each other. With so many cases of breakups & divorces it take love to be in question. It's not a word it gets you depressed after leaving your love so don't let go... Love him & make sure it doesn't happen with you.
But sometimes if you can not get along after many trials then it's better to let go......
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