The Irony- Chapter Pune

Ever wondered why we are excited to explore a side and suddenly we cringe at the thought of it. I have come across many such instances in the last few months. So here’s my journey to Pune and just in 2 months how I started loving this place which was proving to be a nightmare at the start.
So it was 11th June when I boarded the 3 am flight and landed to this beautiful city full of life. I am a big Bombay fan which grew distinctly stronger during my 3 months stint there. But Pune has an essence invariably startling to any city I have been to so far. It has an amazing sense of beauty, serenity, loveliness & excitement all at the very same time. Especially the weather which is pleasant all year round, one could get the chills even in the hot summery days. I loved that fresh smell which would help you remember how beautiful life is.
So enough of my psychotic remarks let’s move on to my first day. It was a nice experience & I loved every minute of it, but I wasn’t sure how long would I continue here as the profile was not what I was looking for.

Pune has an immense dimension of its own. With quality retro’s and bars spread across the city it has some unique cafe’s which are a thrill for all kinds of people. Being a book lover and a chai addict I was particularly excited to visit the “Book-Chai cafe” at every possibility. I tried all their stuff, especially the masala tea which is beyond expression. They were nice for allowing me to click some pictures at their brilliantly built condo; it was always a relaxing experience to be there.
I visited a small cupcake cafe (would be sharing the pics soon), the ladies who held the place were beautiful and has an amazing sense of creativity which was evidently felt in their cakes and desserts. I am glad I visited the place with one of my friends- Angelina.
Pune is the first city which gave me an opportunity to pay rounds for some nicely crafted outlets. From cafe’s , bookstores to new start-up firms which are striving to make a stand in this place. I am glad I could pay a visit to some most innovative people I have ever met.
Another fabulous thing that happened was that I met some amazing people and made some exquisitely nice friends ( I would say friends for life). I would like to specially mention Kshetra who was an adorable chap. Miss you darling, Prachi & Angelina who were so supportive when I needed someone to hear my problems. Miss you guys a lot. I wish them all the luck in the world & love which knows no bound. Stay Happy, Stay Blessed always:* :* 
What I learn during this stage :
1.       I started managing everything on my own. Though I was a residential student during my MBA on campus still when you are working you need to keep everything at it’s best. So from managing finances to cooking, from handling laundry to ironing stuff I did everything on my own. Not to mention I was staying in a fairly new city with no acquaintance what-so-ever.
2.       Exploring new places just to pass time (I haven’t done that before)
3.       Travelling, walking long distance as conveyance is the only issue in Pune I guess.
4.       Being ready with a rain-coat or umbrella as you might be completely drenched in the rain , the next moment after the weather is all bright & clear.
So after 2 months and 20 days I moved to the Mughal city Hyderabad. Will carry on my adventures (a word I like using and not doing :P) in the next post. Till then stay tuned !


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