Prisoner With this Book

The Book The Essence and The Author 
Choosing a genre much talked about today yet the least explored by authors, Tabric C has carved himself a niche on the writing front. My senses demand more from the author. I loved every bit of the book excluding a few excerpts which leave one worn out in between. Enthralling,  gripping and an amazing read… Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister is undoubtedly an engaging piece of writing which not only reflects the journey of a man with an extremely different background choices entering in the political arena but also compels the reader to introspect the choices being made in life across time.  With this book the writer promises a host of ideas woven intricately into a master piece.After a long time a novel repealing some POLITICALLY correct insights yet discrete at times. I could not resist myself by drawing similarities between an old favourite writer of mine "Federick Forester" with the way Tabric C discusses the scenes and bring the reader to the uniquely carved point in talk. The places are not unique enough for readers who have gone through certain preferences deriving source from the same theme yet it different in numerous sorts of revelation.

The story revolves around Siddhartha Tagore, a musical maestro often titled as the Mozart Man in the halls of Harvard who imparted with sudden political uplift, holding his life and choices at bay he begins on a journey which is intriguing on many instances. He carries forward the legacy his father has left behind him.  Politics to him seems bizarre at first but later on with numerous reckonings and moments of vindication he find himself to being an integral part of the Indian Political System. The writer carves interesting character around the protagonist , starting from his roommate Greg who everyone refers to as Priest, The beautiful and mesmerising twin sisters Karishma and Rubaya who drives him crazy every now and then during his stint at Harvard.  The story uniquely takes up issues like corruption and terrorism in the country and the contexts are broaden by the amazing sense of Siddhartha on an array of political issues and unbiased opinion on the Pakistan-China ties. The Prime minister (Siddhartha) is also showcased as a soul being tied by his destiny and often referred to as the prisoner held captive by events in his life. The story is an interestingly knitted one with which the readers could relate to quite well. An invigorating and breathtakingly fresh read in times where most of the stuff coming our way is mundane and wearisome.  Waiting for more such books from the author with an air of fresh thoughts and ideas, compelling the readers to contemplate, absorb and redevelop on issues concerned and pertaining to choices added with a tinge of optimism and weirdness.  Not revealing any point further of one of the must-read books, I would request all my readers to get a copy and traverse your brains into the Politically sculpted world with Tabric C. 

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Office Tales !! 55-Fiction

# The Twist !

A young executive was nervously biting her nails

"What if the auditor came to know about my actual intentions?

I just wanted to spy on the tenders so that my own venture could own the deal ! "

“Congratulations, Seema you have just been promoted as the team leader! “ the manager exclaimed.

She sighed in disbelief

#The Interview !

A young executive was nervously biting her nails

“Mam, you can go in” the receptionist beckoned her

“May I come in Sir?"
“Yes you may , take  a seat !"
“Seema, is it you ? "
“ Ramesh uncle !! “ she said perplexed.
“You seem to be perfect for this job!."

“No, Sir I would accept a job on merit only !"

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The School Bully Of Chenkal....

The school bell rang & all the boys ran towards the classroom, all dressed in white for the morning drill. "The Narayan Vidhyalya" stood tall with it's majestic architecture, a playground on one side & the large dormitory on the left, an old boys school, with a history of young scholars making their way to the US for higher studies.

'Tan-tan' the school alarm for the commencement of first period made its way, but the run was interrupted by an announcement by the Principal : "Good Morning Boys ! Please pay heed ; Each class must select two students as there representatives for the students to vote for their class scholar-cum-president " the voice broke out. There was a huge chaos in the corridor, boys wispered whom they thought would be an ideal choice in their respective classes.

Mr. Subramaniam entered the 6th grade, 'silence boys', he ordered.
"So, you all must be discussing about the class representatives for this term, I would be choosing one from my side & one would be chosen with your consent, after which, voting would be held at the end of this week. So are you kid ready?" he sighed

"Yes" the boys retorted in unison.
Mr. Naidu, is a very bright student getting an A in every subject, he is one of our football champs as you all very well know. A thinker as such a young age I would say he's the best bet for the positions, also he's has been winning a lot of medals in debate the past 2 years. So he's my selection for the class scholar, this time.

The boys clapped!!
But some one was not happy, he broke open his lunch box & adjusting his belt, took a big bite of vada dipped in sambhar. He then took another bite from another tiffin sliding it under the desk, after a moment of silence Mr Subramaniam asked, so who's the other representative you wish to name my boys? A contender for this post ?
Combing his hairs with the dirty oily fingers Chinappa stood up, I would like to give my name SIRs.

Subramaniam Sir, was taken aback, he knew that Chinappa was the class bully, no one would oppose his selection, while he was the last in class, he stood as the pioneer of inventing new methods to disturb his fellow mates & teachers. Everyone was aware of what misdeeds he committed yet no one had the guts to really complain. He was suspended several time by the Principal after teachers could not take his behavior any more, but he would still come to class at the pretext of being the Trustees Son.

"Does anyone has a problem with thata ?" he exclaimed in his tamil accent.
The teacher went to the blackboard & wrote Profit & Loss... So we would be working on higher problems from now.........he was interrupted........ But Sirs what about the Representatives? Chinappa asked in a fierce  tone?
"Does anyone has a problem guys?" The teacher asked, expecting that every child in the class would nod at this question ; a quite yes came from the crowd.

The class ended, Chinnapa made his way to the front desk & said in his hoarse voice,
"I will win, I will crush his legs who-ever-a try to vote for this smally tiny thing named Naidu, he might be a scholar but I am the unprecedented king of 6th grade, who will protect you from the harsh blows of reality if I am not there. Do you prefer life over votes? Think about it guysss, I am here lisening.... "

Nobody said a word, their was a pin-drop silence in the class, Naidu stood up from his desk & came beside where Chinnapa was standing. He said : "Yes, Chinnappa you are absolutely right, you think that you are fierce & bold, owing a tiger's might in your fist, but maybe you are wrong my friend..."

"What...." Chinnapa shouted in a rude voice. "Are you out of your mind, naidu.... ?"
"I am in my very senses Chinnapa, when the tiger has not fought with the lion he thinks he's the best, but once they come face to face & he is defeated then only he realizes true, reality..."
"So you referring yourself as the lion, Mister Naidu??"

"Maybe " retorted Naidu.
"See at your built you mouse"....
"Size doesn't matter, in fights my friend..."
"So shall I crush your head & break your legs to make you realize what trouble you have got into, after talking to me like this" Chinnappa's arrogance said.
"Not, now. Everything must occur at the right time, so be ready with your fist & whatever you got in that belly , tonight sharp at 7, near the old Chinnur lake" Naidu voiced the statement in a very calm tone

The Chinnur lake flowed near the "Askara Temple" near the daily market of Chenkal, a small town near the city. Naidu's father was a forest officer, he was always interested in studies hence his father moved to Chenkal for getting the young Naidu enrolled in the Narayan Vidhyalya. He was a man of values, he wanted the best for his family, he saved every penny he could spare wishing for a bright future for Naidu.

The Chennur Lake

On the contrary, Chinnappa's father , Mr. Govind was a rich, unruly businessman, he owned two schools, "The Narayan Vidhyalya" & other "The Old Sacred Hearts" (an all girls school). After the demise of Chinnapa's grandfather, the trustee ship of these schools went with Govind. He was a busy man of ill-customs & strange values, he loved his money more than his father's values. He would grab poor men's estate to increase his vast empire. A wealth laden over poor men blood, but somewhere down the line, he was stricken by such wrought passions because of his wife's death. He loved her more than anything & to forget that he was alone he made wealth cover for time....

To be continued.....

Disclaimer : All places are imaginary, I have not taken any name just selected places & events with a wish for an interesting story-line

Tribute : A tribute to my favorite author Mr. R.K Narayan :) He is undoubtedly the best, I just wish I could write a book like him some day :) Cheers !!


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