A crucial yet beautiful decision

Does that old car of yours make a loud screech or doesn’t give you that mileage you desire. So what are you waiting for. Here’s an easy and quick way to get a fully loaded car at just half the price.
With Quikr you can now get an amazingly new version of your choice of car brand- your model and it’s just a click away.
So here’s my story. I got a Santro LE in 2004 from Delhi and now it’s damn old. I agree that it was one of the best cars in terms of low maintenance almost zero servicing and has helped me at times when I was not sure whether I should go for that servicing or equipment enhancement. Wheel balancing is one thing that has to be done quite often in comparison to other add-on’s . I truly love my Hyundai Santro. But now I am looking for something new, I can’t afford a luxury first hand car but I guess I can surely go in for a second hand one. It should adhere to my requirements. I am looking for some new features and preferably it should be a sedan unlike my previous hunchback.
So one day I landed on QuikrNXT. This site is amazing and have loads of features to make life easier for someone like me who is least acquainted with buying and selling online. Even when I purchase makeup online it’s after thoroughly going past various other websites, checking reviews of fashion bloggers and the like. And here I am going to grab a car that to a used second hand one. So shall I be trusting this one. Surely I did. With some great testimonials and suggestions for one of my friends I went in and got a splendid deal on Quikr NXT. Believe me it’s one of the best bets of my life. I am glad I came across this.
Here’s my Journey from updating-buying-cashing up on a second hand beautiful gray Honda City- 2009 Model on Quikr. Without much ado here’s how I fixed the entire deal. I first landed on the site , selected the Car & Bikes Tab on the upper left corner. Then I browsed for some moments, contacting a few sellers and then zeroing on two models. Both of them were for Honda City but one was an automatic version though and the second one was a normal one.
Image: Quikr.com

I started some conversation with the prospective sellers and went forward with the first one. This car was priced around Rs. 4,85,000 and the Seller was from Delhi too. So the meeting would have been a lot more easier.
Image : Quikr.com
 Hence after I chatted with the seller I wanted to negotiate the price a little bit and got the enraging Honda City which was a little short of 25,000 km but had whatever I desired in my second car. I would blindly suggest this site to anyone and everyone. One of the best deals, I would say I saved so much because of Quikr. Spending my time unnecessarily or my money for that matter. I am grateful to Team Quikra and the amazing concept behind this portal. With the app its much more smoother and Quickrrrrr :) :)

*Views and opinions are thoroughly personal*

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My Sweet Bedtime Ritual

"A baby will make love stronger, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten and the future worth living for "- Unknown

Singing lullaby to your angel or giving them a warm bath would be a lovely way to make him/her sleep comfortably. Usually mothers have a secret or similar bedtime ritual that they had either seen their own mothers doing or just follow their heart.
I would surely be saving my baby's goodnight sleep with this ritual my mother use to follow with me and my brother.
I would first give the baby some time to digest the food properly, holding him/her in my arms unless I hear the melodious burp :). After which I would hold the baby in my right arm and gently wash hid body with a baby soap only with warm water. Now, warm water is a blissful anecdote for a lovely sleep. We should always wash the babies body with warm water no matter what the weather is like, it helps sustain sensations and give their blood circulations a boost. After I am done with the bath I would gently wrap the baby in a towel and apply some light smelling baby powder. This would ensure that I tucked him with some refreshed senses. 

"Getting the Burp out of your little thing is probably the greatest satisfaction I've come across. It's truly life's most satisfying moments"- Brad Pitt

Now I would circle his/her belly with my index finger and read a nice bed-time story . I would prefer reading some of our veda's or the Ramayana so that in his/her subconscious mind they the goodness our world bestows on us. I just love the mysticism attached with the great Indian Veda's and the old tales we have lived past. I want my child to be an amazing soul always helping others and making way for goodness in their lives. 
After this bedtime ritual a must have is a good diaper and I would nicely assemble :) pamper's diaper on the baby's tush and let him/her bid for a wonderful sleep. I don't think that we can live without a good diaper these days. Whether one's is heading for a party or going for a function , who would want the little soul to cry their heart out. So one should always keep a diaper bag handy so that it could be changed when required. This ensures that the baby is free from all the germs, wetness and irritation.

"Baby's are such a nice way to start people" - Don Herold

Ever wondered when a child is born how lucky the parents feel, the mother forgets all the pain and those tears says it all. A child is a beautiful destiny for a mother and father. The love is pure and innocent , devoid of any harsh selfishness or greed. It's just love-pure love. Caring for your child gives immense satisfaction that would breed in to a healthy individual. I am looking forward to having kids and this contest gave my thought a way to think what I would do a secret bedtime ritual with my kid. I wish to be a good mother and raise pretty amazing kids. 

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The Bucket List- It kept me thinking

It was really difficult but I am ecstatic for the topic chosen by indiblogger for this Happy Hour contest.
When I first heard about the topic it sounded fun since it called for some brainstorming. But when I really started to jot my wishes down I was taken aback as I realized that I do not have a concrete plan as of now. Apart from getting some savings after I land up in a job.
Image : https://richardschwartz.wordpress.com
But as "The Bucket list" called for some actual thorough brainstorming at the very right time, I am quite excited to pen things down. Here I am all stuck at being 25, ready to get done with my post graduation and still not landing up in a job I desire. I think its high time I plan things up. But there are innumerable constraints attached when one think of a wild dream to get fulfilled or a desire to be jumped at. After keeping calculated risks at bay, here I am. Without much ado here are my top five wishes if their are no constraints - be it Money, Time, Age, in short nothing to hold me back as I am free to make my life amazingly splendid :) :)

# Marrying my best friend : Though he's my fiancee I think anytime asked I would like to marry him right here-right now. He is my best friend, a guide and a big support system. I had learnt so much from him that I can't ever let him know what he means to me and what place he has in my heart. I just love him from the core of my heart and my biggest wish is to tie the knot with him as soon as possible. If there isn't any constraint I would do this first thing tomorrow morning. :D ;)

# Buying a Beautifully Huge Farm House : This would be a token of love for my entire family, specially my Parents. It would be a place to cherish. Going ahead to celebrate vacations and holidays with dear one's is always a moment of bliss. I can't think of a better gift for everyone to enjoy their small little moments of joy, than a place of beauty and fulfillment. I would either construct a farm house in Scotland or a scenic endeavor near the Maldives. What Say ! Won't it be worth it. 

# Sharing Joys : What if we somehow share the joys we can with the unprivileged one's. What do we do ? Earn well, save enough for the family in Mutual Funds, buying insurance policies in return of hefty premiums. But what about those who can't even render two-meals a day. If I have the power to gift or give some amount in charity, I would definitely undertake at least 10 kids for their complete educations. Letting them read, write and become what they aspire to be. Hope someday even if I have some constraint I am able to fulfill this deep wish of mine.

# Exploring Nature : Before I die I have this one wish keeps on changing the urgency with which I want it. I know the above statement sounds a bit clumsy by the tone and grammar, to simplify this I am just talking about going overboard with me exploring places. Nature had bestowed us with some fascinating stuff and I would love to explore the great under water marvels the world offers, the Himalayan ranges and the fragrance of the herbs. I would love to visit Paris and New York once to find similarities and comforts the cultural diversity offers. But I would start off this journey of mine from Kerala, that's for sure. Now the urgency about which I talked about earlier is money as well as time constraint attached to this flimsy dream.

# Making People Happy : Now money can't buy those cherished memories or get me hooked to the time I enjoyed the most. I only wish for a magic wand which can gift me some moments of experience the beautiful time I had in the past. Stealing those laughs with friends, or going out sneakily for a movie. Expanding the horizon I wish that I am able to grab as much time as one needs to make a loved one happy. I wish I could spend endless nights watching movie with my Mom , giving a head message to my father or cracking jokes with my fiancee. I know they love spending time with me and so do I. So why not do it over and over again whenever we feel like doing it. 

What if we all are able to Live Life as we always dreamed off ? Befikar Umar Bhar. 
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#Unconditional Love- Experience it with the Zenphone

This Post has Won a Flipkart Voucher Worth 1000 bucks

"Love is not to be purchased and affection has no price. "- St Jerome

 So true. I agree to the fact that Valentine's Day is just another day made special by commercializing the essence of love. 
But what if you get an amazing gift this Valentine , that too at a swooping price? Won't it be nice ? I am talking about a phone with features to die for , ideal to fit in the Valentine's Day fervor.

"To Me, From Me " - a new addition to my 2015 Wishlist  is an Asus Zenphone  :) :* :*

A must buy this Season- If you love yourself gift it to your soul :D :)
Grab your phone Right Away : http://www.flipkart.com/asus

Courtesy : Pinterest.com
I always have an opinion on gifts, that they should help you to get in your daily life chore, making a convenient presence for the person. A good phone issues a critical aspect of being with you 24*7 and this product would sweep you off your feet. Here's how the Asus Zenphone could be a wonderful tribute to your love this Valentine season :

#Light on the Pocket : With a truck load of features so reasonably priced, it's quite shocking. The doubts are resolved when Asus as a trusted brand backs the quality and features the phone has to offer. The entire range is dealt cautiously for a broader segment of people, it's not only for the budget -conscious but for those as well who like a fully loaded phone with brand value attached to it. I think this would make a great buy. I can't come across a better gift for my Valentine, i.e me :) :). 

Here's what Nilay - one of my collegues who recently bought the phone, has to say :
"I think the Zenphone series are a must try for feature-enthusiasts. I specially like the music quality and how spectacularly i can click pictures with the camera"

# The insights :Asus has gone for a fairly presentable deal this time with a bit of a modification. They had replaced the Intel chipset with Qualcomm and Mediatek offerings. They are great alternates and provide a broader memory + good speed. So this would help Indian users experience a whole new technology with backed up performance. I don't think any of the sexes would oppose to new features for their V-Day gift. 
So it would let you text and send beautiful voice messages at lighting speed. So what are you waiting for, go grab one at the earliest. 

# Picture Quality Rocks : Excellent outdoor shots. The use of pixelmaster technology to highly improve on the quality of images captured is an add on for the existent camera in the Zenphone series earlier. Say Cheese ! And get going you love birds :) 

#Some Features to astonish your Senses : The list is long, but I'll try and concise some shocking revelations the Zenphone has to offer .

i. Dual core with 4 threads (treat as 4 cores) + 2G RAM
ii. Glove mode (if you are in cold place in winters like Delhi) 
iii.  Brightness control and setting icon right on top for easy access. 
iv. You can easily merge contacts on your phone.
v. Looks to die for.
vi. Scrolling is pretty smooth with a great User Interface. 
vii. Great performance. Swipeable keyboard

# Fantastic Performance & Battery Life : Last but not the least the Asus Zenphone has an inbuilt brilliant performance feature :). I just love the study looks with a great battery life. With 2110mAh I think it can be categorized under the high savers for human life. Yes, with all those battery consuming apps we need some longer battery hours and Asus doesn't fail to provide that. Ohh ! Yes And I don't want the late night chats being disrupted by the Low battery signal. Isn't it worthwhile. 

Now what more should one ask for. Being a computer engineer I think its a must buy. Thumbs up for Asus Zenphone. #Unconditional Love, LOnger and Beautiful Hours of love talks. This is ensured and Assured by this gadget. 

This post is written for the Indiblogger Asus-Unconditional Love experience with Zenphone -Happy Hour Competition 

My Wishlist 2015

Hello Readers
I know it's been quite a while I penned something down. I would like to start some new stuff on my blog... A change of mood- a splash of creativity :) :* That's all !
SO this list would be a mix of some gadgets, materials, dreams etc + Some resolutions :P

1.To own the Kindle paper white : It's a dream since it was launched by Amazon, it's priced at a nominal Rs. 11,000... With free access to thousands of e-versions :D :). Also to add on my list is to read at least 60+ books this year. I have only completed 3 so far :P ;) I will be buying the Kindle e-reader for sure (y) Yipee !

2. To write genuine stuff : I have been planning off lately to pen some exciting stories but I am short of ideas... Umm ! maybe it's just an excuse. Some good old friends are encouraging me to at least write some articles to make a bang on Comeback :P I will for sure ! Thanks guys for being there :)

3. To buy some cool make up : I recently came across this amazing website Fab Bag and ordered a one month subscription- I would be doing a detailed mention of it soon :) I am going overboard with styling stuff... From someone who did nothing apart from applying a cream and lip balm- I want to learn the art of subtle make up :) Which does not look made up :P So I am doing some cool stuff, hope to be consistent with it

4. I-Pad Mini : I am not a huge fan of the I-phone, it's junk I suppose (I have my reasons, no offense) But I would definitely buy the I-Pad mini version soon (y)

5. Doodling around : Here are some cool doodles I did this weekend , hope to make a cartoon script soon :P... Please god shower me with some ideas. My art's dying ;) ;)
I always had this fantasy after watching "The sisterhood of travelling pants" in school to own a beautiful art box with awesome art supplies in it :) But my artistic skills suck. So I dropped the idea but now I think I should just doodle to satisfy that immense craving deep down my throat  heart.

6. To be with my loved one's : It's not something I can help. But I would just zoom in and stay forever with my family and friends there :) :* Miss you a lot !

7. To start exercising daily : This is one resolution I have been avoiding completely- due to idiotic circumstances :( :( I will not ! I swear.

P.S : Some of my favorites this Fall :

First on my list is Amazon- the best platform ever (low prices, amazing stuff, great delivery, no unnecessary shipping cost- Flipkart sucks here )

Secondly I am subscribing to some amazing channels on Youtube- Being Indian(my favorite), TVF Viral fever Videos(Looking for some fun, login), Scherezade Shroff (Looking for awesome make tips glue yourself in)

And last but not the least - Ali Express: Amazing site, amazing stuff. It is a beautiful website, I can't lay my hand off products (Please do order from a Visa Credit Card- it would make the process hassle free )

Bye ! Hope you enjoyed this post :) :D ;) Happy New Year !

No FikaR... Chat QUIKR

Image : Quikr.com

Hassle free sale and purchase of used items is a head-ache these days. We buy certain stuff and rarely use it, or the usage gets dissolved with time and our actual motives.
This is the story of Tanya who found her first love at a cheaper price. Don't judge just read on :) :D

"Tanya where are you?" Mrs. Sehgal shouted from the kitchen.
"Just coming Mamma"
"Come here Quick, you are getting late for college beta !" Mrs. Sehgal, Tanya's mother ordered her to come and have her breakfast
"Wow ! Aloo ka parantha. I love you Mamma"
"Bas Bas kindly finish it and get going now... You will miss your bus otherwise" Mr.s Sehgal said


"But where will you manage Rs. 6000 so soon Tanya ?" Manhar asked her
"I will manage some, I have been saving for quite a while now. I think I would be able to grab it this time Manhar" Tanya sighed, she had her eyes in the ceiling

*Manhar was Tanya's best friend and they were planning to get married once they land up in a nice job. Though the actual love I was trying to get your attention is about to come :) *


Counting her savings of three years she had a please-god-make-them-6000-bucks plea on her face.
Nooo. Please Nooo... Tanya almost shrieked.

"What Happened " Mrs. Sehgal asked Tanya.
"And what is this why are you counting the money again, it won't help add more money to your account dear."
"I know Mamma" Tanya hobbled on the bed.
"Chalo don't lie down now, come for dinner. "

Tanya was in no mood for dinner, she just wanted 6000 bucks to purchase the love of her life. *A Violin*
"But Mamma what Am I suppose to do now. You know how badly I want that violin, but a new one cost no less that 6000 rupees"
"I know dear . Ok ! Come now, I would give you 1000 rupees more this time, how much would it make it then?"
"Oh ! Mamma I love you" Tanya jumped from her bed and hugged her mother"
"Then It would be close to 3500 mamma"

Sameer enters the rooms, he kicks the door and say, still haggling for that stupid violin of yours? Huh !

"You Shut up bhai, you don't know how much I want this"
"Ok ! Okay , Have you ever visited that website- Quikr.com??" Sameer asked Tanya
"No, I havent. What is it about? And I am in no mood of jokes at this time, please !" Tanya said in an all confused-totally irritated manner.

"First take a look and then let me know, you will get what you want and that too conveniently, hassle- free, at the right price and yes not to forget the awesome Chat service they had introduced currently" Sameer said in a single breath
"See, here's the laptop. Find you stuff in here" He handed her the laptop and went to have dinner.

Tanya sat all winded up on the bed, hoping for some miracle. After 15 minutes of swift browsing she grabbed two awesome offers, one was the exact piece she wanted and costed close to about 4000 bucks, whereas the other one seemed to be a bit worn out yet the price mentioned by the seller was Rs. 3000.

"Wow !!!" Tanya sighed !
She immediately wobbled her phone to get some contact details of the seller. But there was none !
She scrolled below ad landed up to a page where she came across a revolutionary concept by Quikr. They hasd recently introduced the amazing chat service which helped buyers and seller to chat, share photos and not only that without revealing any contact details .  Multiple seller could be contacted easily and conveniently and you can keep a thorough track of all conversations. She hurriedly downloaded the app and was all set.

In just half and hour she was all set and settled for her first choice. She was elated with her purchase. She hurriedly called Manhar and told her about the deal. Manhar was way too happy for Tanya, he knew how mad she was for that Violin.

In just 4 days the entire procedure was conducted, the shipment was done and at her first sight, Tanya fell in love with that elegant, wooden piece of art. Her seller had sent her a personal message so that she could tell him of the delivery. He also enclosed a manual for cleaning and safeguarding the Violin and some numbers in the area if in case the chords find some issue years later, she can contact those shops for repair.

Tanya was on cloud 9 that day. She didn't went to college that day, embracing her house with melodious tunes she had practiced in her Violin lectures.

This is How Quikr saved Tanya's dream. The amazing Chat service helped her to be safe and make the purchase super fast. 
Here are some excerpts from the buyer herself

**I love Quikr, it has introduced me to a truly beautiful world of buying and selling. I couldn't afford my priced possession but they helped me find a buyer for my dream and here I am all happy and glad for landing up on the website. To top it all, there's is this splendid service they have for their users, the Quikr NXT Chat where you can share pictures, take a feel of the product, reply at your own free time and chatting with multiple parties all at the same time. Wait !! All this and more without ever revealing your number. Wow ! Why can other e-commerce sites come with such an idea. It had made life simpler for so many people out there. Thanks a lot team Quikr. Your innovation has rocked my world :) :* **

Here's 3 reasons where I would prefer Quikr chat service over phone any day.

1. Endless conversations : Talked with many buyers at the same time, conveniently and tracking every talk you had just to keep track. This would not only help you narrow down to the preferred once but you have a history of what the buyer promised you and if those specifications are not met you have a proof.

2. Share picture : You can easily share pictures of the products. It would not only help the buyers but it's easy for the seller from the point that he doesn't have to answer unnecessary questions, killing on his time.

3. Keep your number private : The barrier is just an app and it doesn't compel either of the parties to share their contact details in any manner unless the deal is agreeable to both. Isn't that cool.

The all New QUIKR NXT is here... See what these Damsels in Distress have to say
And yes ! How Quikr made their life easier

Damsels in Distress- Doodle by Tanya

If You are searching for something, don't think twice just login , chat and get your stuff. Here

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