Sitting idle on a hectic day !

I don't know about others but I don't know why I am behaving in this manner. :( Strange ! But true...
When ever I have a submission to make, an assignment to work on or an exam round the corner, I am sitting idle :P . Either watching Full House(my favorite TV series of the 90's) or browsing about some certification !
I hate this procrastination reloaded- side of me, but I am trying my best to get ride of this. While doing an MBA, one is suppose to study 25 hours a day whereas me , I am no where near 15 :'(

Hope I realize this and mend my ways. Maybe this post helps me out in accepting the dire need to that had arise. Oh ! Yes I remember that just 15 days left before I fly back home. Maybe the festivities are driving me crazy or I am just crazy what-so-ever... Never Mind !

Its never too late, right !? As they say, from my behavior its palpable that I am down the drain, but I might rise the next moment and strike you right in pain !!! LOL :D

The Misconception

She said love. He mistook it to be Glove.   Raj handed her the pair of gloves,

 “How mean” Neha retorted.

"What’s mean in that" ?  Raj questioned !

“I don’t think bloody men would ever understand a girl’s dream, her aspirations !” Neha said

“What ! where did that come from ?”

“I said I Love you Raj”

Raj blushed J

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