Liebster Awards, Thanks Jahid & Neo !!

I am not able to write regularly these days, thanks to so many exam preparations & GD/PI's awaiting to get a piece of me , haah !! 
But I guess my blog & some of my lovely readers are missing me already :) I would like to thank & congratulate these two wonderful bloggers who have passed upon the lovely Liebster Award to "Coveted Dreams": Jahid of Flashbacks & Neo Prady of Neo Imaginations .
Thanks a zillion to both of you, this is my 4th Liebster in the journey so far & every time I receive it, My heart is filled with enthusiasm & ideas to pen down more often :) 

Since most of you are aware of the awards, I would be doing a single post as an award merger i.e both for Jahid & Neo.... So here I go.

Questions By Jahid :

1. Name your top 5 favorite movies ?
Me : Pursuit of Happyness, Karate Kid , Gadar :), Border & "A Walk to Remember", I have watched each of these more than 20 times I guess :D
2. Name your top 5 favorite actors?
Me : Veteran actor Sunil Dutt, Ajay Devgan, Sunny Deol, Sadhna & Will Smith.

3. Mention 3 things which give you happiness ?
Me: I have always kept my expectations low, little things in life keep me happy, but here are the top 3, that never fails to bring a smile....
i. Spending Time with my family
ii. Spending time with my best friend
iii. Reading a good book/ Writing a nice post !!

4. Give one reason to justify that you feel patriotic about your nation.
Me: I am really touched by patriotic movies, particularly those about the freedom struggle. I guess I have watched all of them, Bhagat Singh being my favorite freedom fighter.

5. One good thing you have done in life and you are still proud of  that. If no then simply answer as "I haven't done any such thing yet"
Me: Falling in Love :D :D, I think it's the best I have done , maybe there's a long way to go, in terms of making my lover proud. But I am really very proud of choosing the right guy !

6. One mistake  you have committed and still regret for that. If no then simply answer as "I haven't committed any such mistake till now"
Me: If I could put in a little more efforts for this year CAT exam, I badly regret it :(

7. Describe briefly "one happiest moment of ur life which you still cherish"
Me: Oh! This is tough, but the entire 4 years in college if possible could unite in a single moment, that would be the best of the times I ever had...It is the most cherished possession I treasure in my heart n it will always be there.

8. One thing which you definitely don't want to miss "if you have the opportunity to become invisible for one whole day"
Me: Killing at least 10 guys who have ever abused a child or a lady in the worst sense. Maybe I will have to enter the jail for that.

9. How many hours you usually spend in a week for reading/writing blogs?
Me: I use to spend almost 8 hours initially but on an average I thing it's been reduced to half an hour these days ;)

10. How many hours of TV you watch daily
Me: Sometimes 3, its generally <3
11. The reason you write?
Me: To bring my point of view there, sometimes just as a record and most of the times to calm the urge to do something constructive, make my thoughts flow in a channel & that's the reason I write....

Questions By Neo Prady  :

1. What inspires you to write?
Me: My biggest inspiration is my best friend, my love. I think the first post I ever wrote was something I wanted to say to him & then the journey as a blogger took shape. So it's Him, and always will be him...

2. Your biggest challenge as a blogger.
Me: To write quality posts, something which draws attention readers to my post & they wanna read some more.

3. Your best blog post ever according to you.
Me: According to me these two are the best posts I have ever written, I got an award for both :) Hehe

4. You like the smell of …
Me: I love the smell of wet mud just after a light drizzle, the morning dew in autumn & hot dosa, N petrol too :O
5. What would you like to do when you grow old and fragile?
Me: I just pray that I am not dependent on any one until I breath my last. In old age I wanna be a pillar of strength to my husband and children, maybe my grand children as well :)

6. Your favorite book. Also is there a book you are currently reading?
Me: I simply love , "Malgudi Days , Swami & His friends & Bachelor of Arts by R.K Narayan", yes I am currently reading "Aleph by Paulo Coelho"
7. Define yourself in 3 words.
Me: Simple, Reserved && Romantic :) That's a unique combination, isn't it ?

8. One thing that you want to go in the past and change about yourself.
Me: Nothing, I do not regret anything except some exams which might have made me excelled :P

9. Do you like your current job or you trying to change your line of profession?
Me: Voila ! That's such a coll question, yes I would love to enter the finance sector thats' why preparing for Bank PO exam, instead of ending up in a coding job :P

10. The best thing you like about mother India.
Me: The weather, The nature, Secularism among religions & the rich cultural heritage in the forms of veds & upnishads we possess, also Ayurveda. I just wish that foreigners stop copying our age old science & we fully boycott there beauty products :P :P

11. Your 3 wild dreams you want to fulfill before you die.
Me: Oh ! Wild? I don't think I have such wild dreams, but they may seem dramatic to others ;) Okay, so
i. I would like to open something on my own, a small business.
ii. Buy a house for my parents, make them proud.
iii. Go to scotland once after getting married... Yoohoo !!

So, Now the nominations :
As it's a merger award post, I would be nominating 20 amazing bloggers :) :) NOW
The names are in alphabetical order to avid any form of confusion... Click on the blog name to be taken to an entire new world of these super cool bloggers

Amrit Sinha  at Live Your Life
Ankit Mahato at Aiming Beyond Infinity
Christopher Smith at Mixed Drinks & Mixed feelings
Himanshu Nagpal at Being Traveller
Jahid Akhtar at Flashbacks    (This is from Neo Award)
Jay Singh of Welcome Home To Sanitarium
Maliny Mohan at Chasing Passions 
Murtaza Ali at A potpourri of Vestiges
Neo Prady at Neo Imaginations (This is from Jahid's Award)
Omkar Vighne at Queer Fish !
Panchali Mam at Panchali Bolchi
Prasoon Khare at Life is Short Time is Swift 
Risha Kalra of I-topia
Rohan Kachalia at Writing On The Go
Samik at Dreams on Paper Leaves
Sankara Jayanath of Battlefield Heart
Tonnomura at Tonnomura's World 
Unlucky Unwanted of Main Jaha Jata Hoon Chha Jata Hoon
Vinisha Shah at My Mind is saying that...
Zunnur of A Little Time

I know this post has been too long, but questions are still left, so all the lovely bloggers being nominated here you go !!
1. One dream you would like to complete before you die.
2. Have you ever fallen in love?
3. Are you satisfied with your blogging journey so far?
4. Would you like to change something in your past, if given a chance? What is it (if you like to share...)
5.  Love marriage or arrange marriage?

6. You prefer singing or dancing when alone?
7. Which book re you currently reading?
8. Beautiful or cute, what would you prefer in a life partner (I know Love is blind ;) )

9. Your favorite cartoon character?
10. Your favorite movie, of all time?
11. How would you describe your life journey in a single word?

P.S: All these bloggers are some of the best I have come across, you would really love them, just hit on the blog name. Congratulations to all the Nominees. 

P.P.S: Thanks a lot Jahid & Neo, once again...

A Tip: For any blogger who has the word verification still active, please LET GO !! :D


  1. Thank you for continuing the tradition. enjoyed reading it. As u mentioned Aleph I wud like to suggest you to add one more by Paulo Coelho ..Thats Brida. It was the first book that i read of the collection n then i read all his work. But Brida, Alchemist and The Zahir remains my personal fav. Write more n live happy. Congratulations.

  2. Hi Tanya,

    Wow, this is a delight. I'm humbled by your gesture of passing on the Liebster to me.
    Glad to hear that you consider me in one of the best bloggers you've known, you're no less. It's a delight to read your posts as well.

    Wish you luck for the exams & GDPI preps as well :) :) :)


    My Newest Blog Post | My Entry to Indiblogger Get Published

  3. That's supercool. Congratulations for the award and its an honor for me to be mentioned here.

  4. i am deeply honoured tanya on the gesture . . i so love your blog myself . . you seem to write so effortlessly with a polished style of writing . . keep writing ! :)

  5. Congratulation Tanya!! Loved reading your answers. This is the sixth leibster nomination for me and I am simply thrilled...and honored, of course! So thankful for the opportunity and I shall be happy to pass it on to others once again. I have done this tag twice before...Time to return favors now. (Actually, I have been postponing it)..
    Thanks a lot!!

  6. Congrats Tanya... and thanks for the honor!!! :-)

  7. Congrats Tanya!! It was nice to read your questions and get to know you more :)
    And thank you for the nomination :) It's quite refreshing to have this kind of questions instead of makeup and nailpolish stuff lol :) I'll do it this week for sure! Thank you!! :D

  8. Congratulations, Tanya! It's nice to know you better. And thank you so much for the nomination, will put it up on my blog as soon as time permits. Take care, my friend!

  9. Hey Tanya!
    Many many congratulations to you for the award! and many many thanks for your graciousness for awarding me with this!! It's an awesome feeling to be awarded! and of course my next will answer your questions! Thank You Once again!! CONGRATULATIONS!! Take care! :)

  10. Thank you for giving me this honor, from past of few month i have face some problem, that's why I don't go online for browse any single site including of your also and commenting that, I'm very touched that hear from you that you nominated me in as your Amazing top 20 blogger,

    Every answer you give for all Que. is great and very touched, I am also tying to post like this in future, thanks From Harry

  11. It took a little time to send a thank you note. :

  12. Read my acceptance post here :)


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