5 words Challenge !

Just going through a website I got an idea to write something with just 5 words as the back bone :)
I asked one of my friend, to give me 5 words & then I wrote this description. Penning something after a long time, ;) :)

Words :  Receptive, Education, Blue,  Honey ,Passion

Description : 

Under the sparkling blue sky of mid-autumn, Katherin lay exploring the intricately designed Pashmina Shawl. Wow ! What a master piece , isn’t it Michael?

Michael, nodded without paying any heed, he way too much engrossed in the suspense novel he was holding. The couple were opposite poles but what bonded them together was there love, passionately carved in their hearts. Michael, was an educationist who had a passion to discuss diverse topics with his class of “Super Scholars” from wide backgrounds. Education ran in his blood,  his parents were both Harvard Scholars & since childhood anything & everything excited him, but there was a problem, he never paid any importance to what perspective the other shared on a topic, a person who was the least receptive in his thoughts.

He looked up towards Katherin, what is it ?

With a sigh , she retorted nothing ! You carry on with this crap, pointing towards the novel.

Okay, as you wish. Would you like to come to the canteen for a stroll? Maybe we’ll  eat something, I am a bit hungry.

Yeah ! Silver toast with honey... she almost screeched. That was a typical day in the life of this couple, I wonder how they manage... LOL :)


  1. A metaphorical essay... so beautifully done!!Loved this, Tanya!

    1. Thank you so much Mam, actually I wanted to write an essay only but ended up writing this abstract piece.. :) Thanks for reading !

  2. Oh wow you did it with those random words! how creative! I wish I could write as good as you!! :)

  3. absolutely delighted to read such beautiful piece of writing and that too with random words. and the concept is fresh and interesting.

  4. Hey Tanya! Long time no see! Nice write up as usual... :)

  5. Hey Tani...Good to see you back in the field... Loved this as all other from your pen... Such a sweet representation of a couple who are like opposite poles of a magnet, but yet together as no pole can exist alone... :) Keep writing... :)

  6. those five words blended so beautifully in the story, as if they were meant to be. in it...
    loved it :)

  7. This is beautiful ... I loved how it ended ... lovely !!!

  8. You did it very well weaving together the five words into a short story. It is sweet to learn how love bonded their hearts together despite the differences in their attitudes.


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