Is it the sunshine or the twinkle in my eye ?
Is it the sweet wind or the blessing I received ?
Is the moon enough to swallow my profound grief ?
Or Should I call the sea to gift me a flourishing delight ?
Am I complete with the world ?
Or is it just your love that surmounts my beauty ?
Can I forgot those memories of cheerful night ?
Or are there no memories to release my obsolete journey ?
Did you ever belonged to my soul ?
Or was it just a dream that turned into a nightmare surrounding me with distress & gloom ! 

P.S: A poem concerned with epiphany & introspection. It's just a fictional composition 

It Follows Me..

It follows me where ever I go
Don't know whether like a friend or a foe
When Sun shines bright
it reaches a zenith
In the dark when I need a company 

it vanishes with all its subtlety !
Don't know why it stalks me in all grown light

and make me filth in the moon lit night...
I wonder when !!
It will leave my destiny
To make me feel like a holy being 
not carved with a shadow at all
I would just exist in the shallows

The Voting Begins!

Word-O-Logy Wednesday 

The entries for Word-o-logy Wednesday has been closed ! Hope you all enjoyed the event, all the entries(links) received so far are really creative & each one of it is unique in one way or the other. 
When I was strike with the idea I was not sure even to get a single involvement. But the response has been awesome. I am delighted at the entries received :D Thank you guys for the love & support provided by all of you 

But, now the countdown begins. To chose who was the most creative of the lot we will start the voting from today on wards (i.e Sunday 28th Oct 2012). The voting closes on Wednesday (i.e 31st Oct 2012). 
Please read the rules below carefully.

1. You can cast only a single vote among the participants but you can not make a vote for your own entry. 
2. All the participants + any of the Members (Readers) of "Coveted Dreams"can make a vote among the entries. Please visit all the links before deciding on your vote.
3. Regarding the vote made by a reader (if not a participant) you can vote for any one of the entries.
4. For voting please follow the following format  & you need to submit the votes here following this link CONTACT ME.  or mail me at  

5. Format for voting :
 * The person you think was the best : Your Choice
 * Suggestions : If any

6. You just need to keep the above provisions in mind. I would be casting a single vote & in case there's a tie I would use a VETO power ;) That means I would decide on the winners. But I don't think such a cse would occur.

7. Since, we have received a total of  21 entries, we would be announcing two winners. The one with the highest vote : Master Word-O-Logist & second with the second highest votes will be : Excellence Word-O-Logist. 

8. The results will be announced on Wednesday (31st Oct 2012). The badges would be provided in the same post. Hope the best one wins :) Thank you folks! Take care :D     

Word Association Wednesday!

Hii ! There folks!  Blogging is all about your thoughts portrayed through words...
Why not play a game where we will associate words with set themes. It's fairly simple & fun as well.

Word-o-logy Wednesday
The Word-O-Logy a word based game has some rules you need to follow, add a post & then link it back to the LINKY tool here. You can drop in comments to fellow bloggers, meet creativity + innovation in the blog-o-sphere & make new friends. At the end of this week that is next Wednesday , based on the number of voted I will announce the winners. :) 
Winners would get a Word-O-logy badge to flaunt there creativity on there respective blogs. :) It would be really fun, believe me.  So, spread the game because the more participants the luckier the winner would be!!

1. You need to select 10 words from the below given series, comprising 55 words.
2. Add a small post where you associate a word, phrase(not more than 2 words) in front of your chosen words.
3. Link the URL of the post (not the blog) here.
4. You have to submit your entries till Sunday night 12 pm. After that voting would start.
5. Example of the Game,  Goa : Holiday, Roadtrip : punture ;) , Sunday : Movies.  These are just for exemplifying, you can choose any word from the vast sphere of your thought...
6. You can either post the link or leave the URL in the comment section. Please comment as it would be better to track you easily for other! 
7. You can write the associated word either in English or Hindi (which ever you think suits best!)
8. It's compulsory too mention my blog link in every post so that we can spread the word !! 

Add this Logo on your Posts !!

List of 55 words (choose any 10)

1. Rain     2. Friendship   3. Life    4. Money    5. Blogging   6. Love    7. Winters     8. October     9. Time
10. Idol    11. Facebook    12. Door    13. Fashion   14. Morning   15. Book(s)     16. Water   17. Las Vegas    18. India     19. Ego    20. Road Trip   21. Saturday   22. Monsoon   23. Hills   24. Maths    25. School    26. RockStar    27. Angel    28. Newspaper    29. Download    30. Teddies    31. Pink    32. Pillow   33. Black    34. Women    35. Cell Phone    36. T-Shirt    37. Jeans    38. Cricket    39. Dreams  40.Google   41. Scams   42. Luxury  43. Stress   44. God   45. Wedding   46. Experience   47. Shopping  48. Husband    49. Wife   50. Cynical    51.Criticism   52.Judge   53. Philosophy    54. Sunday    55. Elegance.

So go wild, pep up the game with your imagination, there are no limits. Write what your heart think is perfect. Enjoy !!

Disclaimer: This is an original idea of the Blog owner, kindly mention the link of this blog when participating here. 
Winners: The person who gets the highest number of votes will be announced as the winner & will be provided with the badge

My First Blog Award !

I want to thank my blog friend Tonnomura over at "Tonnomura's World" for nominating my blog for the Liebster Blog Award.  This is my first blog nomination & I am elated  at receiving it.
Please be so kind as to check out "Tonnomura's World".  She is a beautiful blogger with an awesome personal blog ! 
The Liebster Blog Award is an award that is given by the blogging community to new up and up-coming bloggers with less than 200 followers.

**Here are the details on receiving this award**
1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves. 
2. Answer the questions that the nominator set for you plus create 11 questions for the people you've nominated to answer.
3. Choose 11 people and link them in your post
4. Go to their page and tell them.
5.  No tag backs.

11 random facts about me ;)
1. I love old hindi movie songs, Kishore Da & Mohd. Rafi are my favorite
2. I am a very, I mean it very romantic soul. I never knew it but when I fell in love I got to know about this talent :)) of mine
3. I love Maths
4. I hate the Engineering Degree I possess :(
5. I wish to be a bestseller novelist some day (know it's a weird wish)
6. If I love a song I play it day in & day out, no stopping & only listening with my head phones On
7. I am a very simple girl.
8. I like some animals, find them cute but not all!
9. I hate facebook
10. I love it when people tell me that I have a sweet voice. :D
11. I want to get married very soon, just get a job & settle down ! hehe :)

My Inspiration, My Life, My Sunshine, My Valentine !

                                 "There's 1 Thing 2 Do, 3 Words 4 You.  I Love You" - Anonymous

"I never thought I would get so lucky, You complete me maybe I do the same, my feelings are true & forever they'll be, I will be yours, You will be Mine"   - Me

This a cross-reference post, an ode to the person who's my life, my sunshine. This is one post I would cherish all my life. A post which I would read again & again, maybe he'll read again & again too. I know this Guy for the past 4 years & these years have been the best times in my life. During this time, we embarked on a journey full of deep friendship, love, feelings & intense emotions. It was nurtured & fostered with care, love & affection for each other. We would remember thee years with all it's lovely moments, memories that made us grew fond of each other so much so that we could not imagine our life with each other.

But, this post is devoted by me to my soul mate. :) I am the luckiest girl in this world to have find him & what better way it could be to dedicate something like this. So, here I go with cute love, innocent messages & lovely promises meant just for you my M. :)

Good News: My reluctant parents have said yes to our relationships, the initial NO was just out of concern for me & my studies but since we both have passed the graduation level with flying colors there's no excuse now. So here I go, never said it so openly but now is my Golden Chance to say the "I LOVE YOU " more than anything in this whole wild world. I owe everything so beautiful in my life to you my would-be-husband. You have made my life lovelier than heaven, sweeter than honey, pleasant that spring.

As Sandi Patti said : Lyrics from the song "He's More Than Wonderful"

"He’s more wonderful than my heart can believe                         
He goes beyond my highest hopes and fondest dreams. 
He’s everything that my soul ever longed for 
Everything He’s promised and so much more 
More than amazing, more than marvelous 
More than miraculous could ever be "

You make my World Go Round, My Inspiration, can't imagine things without you. My life's is a big zero without you. When you said you love me, I was on Cloud-9 & from that day have been reaching higher with your love. You made me understand what true love is, your eyes says it all, wanna grow old with you, take my last breath in your arms. :) I wish you be by my side, pain & distress can't touch me when you are near. No matter what people say I am there for you always, won't leave you till the time I die, maybe not even after that!
The answer to all my prayers, When I first saw you, fell in love with you I knew it our team would be the best.

Best Moment: Every moment with you is the loveliest, when you say you love me, stare at me, care for me, be my support & be my strength when no one is there :)

Best Complement : Every time you make me think I am the prettiest girl for you! hehe it feels I am on the top of the world my paaru :)
      "That best portion of a good man's life; his little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and                         love.  " - William Wordsworth

If I would want you to change something: Naah! Not at all,
you are the best! Just be the way you are, your nature is so honest & true that I go crazy & overboard with your cautious attitude, guys are out of chivalry these days & you prove me so wrong with your kindness. Your behavior for the helpless & needy make me love you even more. Always patient, you make me think why there's nothing that makes you loose your temper(but I know what you hate the most ;) ). I wish I was like you!!

Your trademark Virtues/ Prudence : Patience, Kindness, Humility, Temperance, Love, Honest, Practical yet Dreamy N even more. I can write a book on those lovely things you do. You owe all this & still you exemplify modesty at it's best.  Now, can a girl get luckier than me?

                                 Another Collage : "Say it all", but still I have a lot to say !! 

I have still a lot to say, but we need to have words for out entire married life. I wish saying all those, every time I find you adorable, every time I find you express that you love me, every passing night, every passing day, I would cuddle you & say those 3 words, I would walk with you even if the path is full of monsters & thorns. :) I know you would be the same always because my MR, you would not change I know!

 Take care folks! I hope you liked the post!! 

Image Courtesy: Google images 

Solace - Letters In Desperation !

It might not help you, but whenever I am in a delusion of sorts I find solace in writing stuff in my Diary (her name is Jargon, read understanding my language- all that Hi-Fi) :)

So here I am with my letters in desperation. These are addressed to a whole range of problems or happenings which I treasure the most in my life!
Very personal they are!! ;)

Dear Money
I don't want to blame you but it seems that you are not liking it in here, I mean the space in my wallet & piggy-bank reflects to be minute in terms of your needs. I would request you that kindly stay where I keep you, you either run away to the Flipkart delivery guy or the the sales girls at the mall. I know You are tempted at the very sight of those books & tees but it would be nice if you take some time out in my wallet. I wish you come back soon at the start of the next month!

When Its True, Nothing Holds Back!!

One of my Favorite Paintings. Courtesy

Her presence was mesmerizing... So far yet it seemed he knew her since eternity!
His body moved in swift proportion with the Jazz!
I think I have just fallen in love with You... He said to the lady

What if I tell you I am blind??? She exclaimed.

Still I Love you, came the reply.

 Author's Note: 
Another try at 55 fiction. Just love the experience of penning down an idea in 55 words. Hope you all will like this story.

I just wanted to convey that Love doesn't seek physical comfort, here the guy did not let go, even when he came to know that the Girl he fell in love with was blind. I myself believe in "Love at first Sight" Because I have experienced the same! :) N I must say, it was worth the Risk!! Take care folks!

Cruel Intentions ! (55 Fiction)

Blood covered the entire floor!
~ Police was trying hard to establish the mystery behind Mrs. Shyama brutal murder.
Mr. Sharma was devastated, he loved Shyama, she was his life!!

Stricken by affliction he hugged Julie, crying he said "What has happened!"

Julie grinned & thought to herself "I killed her for you, my Love!"

Post Script:
This is my first try at 55 fiction. I got introduced to this lovely genre a few days back. I wish someday I could write a flawless piece. The story contains 55 words including the title "Cruel Intentions".

A literary work will be considered 55 Fiction if it has:
Fifty-five words or less (A non-negotiable rule), however some publishers actually require exactly 55 words, no more and no less.
A setting,
One or more characters,
Some conflict, and
A resolution. (Not limited to moral of the story)
The title of the story is not part of the overall word count, but it still can’t exceed seven words.

Image Courtesy

Living With Granpa !

This is the story of little John who had to live with his Grandpa for two days, discover for yourself if the stay ended as an Ordeal or a period of bliss between the two!

On a Friday afternoon my parents got a phone call informing that my great grand aunt had expired this morning & in urgency they packed their bags leaving for America. The dilemma in front of them was where should I be left at my Grandpa’s home or my aunt’s?
Finally after calling them both, my mother decided to leave me at the mercy of my Grandfather. She knew that I would completely dissent this proposal but since my aunt was busy for the weekend I had no option.
My Grandfather & I, hated each other or maybe that’s what I thought. It’s been on two occasions that I had experienced his blunt  and effrontery behavior. Hence my father drove me to the small accommodation of my Grandfather & he was not so happy at my arrival, at his home he asked me how were my studies going & I replied Fine in an impolite manner. The next day my grandfather woke me up & informed that he was going to take me to the circus. I got ready in haste & was delighted to arrive at the Circus. As the magician began to show  cryptic acts, the Lion performed gymnastics besieged by  spectators. In a jiffy the lion got violent & the people began running here & there in no time I lost my way & fell on the ground. I was crying and in about two minutes I was embraced by someone, clinching tightly to me showering me with hoards of affection. The person was none other than my lovely Grandpa. That moment change my perception towards our bond. The entire night we talked & laughed at old memories of my father’s childhood narrated so lovingly to me by my gradpa. :) :) :)

The First Day

For the previous part click here

I am here standing at the bus-stop with my parents all here to bid me good bye for my new life... Haah!
I wonder why parents worry so much but still I feel nice, I am lucky to have so much love in my life...
Here comes my bus, I sit & notice there are group of boys sitting in the front seat. I quietly sat on the fourth seat, as all my friends know I fret from boys. Don’t know why but I don’t like boys, I am always finding ways to not encounter one, as I get nervous....
Hence as my nature bestow upon me I sit behind all of them looking away outside the window not caring if anybody sees me or not.
After one and a half hour of travelling we reach our college, impressed by the architecture we have a good welcome by our seniors who were telling that there is a special seminar organized for us as to make us aware of what all the college has in store for us.
Very few people know that today while walking to the seminar hall I  noticed a very charming guy. Hey! I haven’t done this before so, it’s new :P .But not paying any heed to this moment I carry on with my walking. There we all have our seniors welcome us with a rose & tilak ceremony. Now the rounds of speeches are there. It’s a boring phase I now recollect but at that point in time I was ecstatic ; as so many old people give away their words of wisdom for our new life in college & after that too...
Coming to an end after two hours we are served with cool refreshments & after that a senior student take us all for a campus tour. I am petrified; thinking that they will be ragging us, but to my delight I was just asked to tell about my hobbies & some other stuff... Cool! Rite?
I am left alone to watch college now I go & sit in the canteen, there I met this girl.

“Hey ! I am Mishti, How are you? Your name?”

“Hii! I am Preshtha”, are you in first year?

She answers“Yes, I am, so which stream?, I am in Computers”

“Me too, Computer Science, Hii”

Our conversation starts & we bid each other good bye after an hour as it’s time to leave now.
In the bus I am thinking about the conversation with Mishti, she’s the Haryana State Topper with 93 % , same score as mine in CBSE. She asked me which school I was in & about siblings & other things.
In the bus there are a few girls thank god no boys, as I don’t want an ackward conversation with any.
I reach home & here is my mother standing to receive me. Haah! Am I a toddler who doesn’t know the way home, sometimes these parents are so cariiing... God!
In the car I tell mum everything that happened the entire day & about Mishti as well. Reaching homw my father asks me about all of this gain & my little sis too.
It’s 7 in the evening & I am watching TV with my family, wishing & praying all at the same time that my life would be good & nice.

                                                                                to be continued...

For previous posts on this beautiful love story click  Love Cat Parents

Disclaimer: This intro is just a work of fiction, excerpts are taken from certain life experiences but it does not owe resemblance to a real character.

It's Me

For the previous part click here

Hii! I am Preshtha, a 17 year old regular school pass out about to enter my college life. I am a bit nervous today as I don’t like changes in life; I am not open to adapting different things easily. That's the worst part, but still I am looking forward to starting a new life after school... After all school has to end!!
About me; I am a regular not-so-pretty yet, a cute girl, good in studies, I like studying to the core, score good always above 92... at an average.
Tomorrow is the first day of my college & I am fretting very badly, not showing this to my sister & parents as I know they will start showering me with comforting things...
I know this paragraph sounds boring.. Just wait because my life’s gonna be a roller-coaster in a while ;)

                                                                                                                                    to be continued....

For previous posts on this beautiful love story click  Love Cat Parents

Disclaimer: This intro is just a work of fiction, excerpts are taken from certain life experiences but it does not owe resemblance to a real character.


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