Walk With Me...

A charm I could never find anywhere in the whole wild world,
When I am sleeping I want you to get me curled upon your breath.

I love every moment off yours, just wanna walk with you,
Getting over the midnight blue.

Hope you stay like this forever , the most lovely person in my life,
Want to feel with you the ups & downs & strive.

The pains I promise cannot stop me love you,
Because I know I am nothing without you.

I will walk with you on thorns & still smile,
Because I know you would wash away my tears in a while.

Walking with you have been so lovely my sweetheart,
Just dreaming of growing old with you....

Seeing you pick up the morning paper & sipping bed tea,
would make my day....

Facing those account crashes in bad times,
I will smile & hand over the jewellery.
I know you would refuse; But we promised to give everything with further adieu.

I love you my better half, In a way nobody can...
I can take every pain just to make you smile.
You had done so much I am in debt,
but you always stop me saying the same....

Just walk with me till the last breath I take
I will be in your dreams when you are half-awake...

# Just a trial composition....

                                                                                                                                             © Tanya


  1. This trial composition works really well ... I guess it would sound perfectly with music ... try singing and recording it :-)

  2. Gr8!!! Like the way you wrote it...
    And if you are expecting me to write those Mumbai beat words now so ill never repeat that mistake again...
    though my signature style is still same....
    Tu war da firta hai sab pe sab kuch !
    kaddo to mere utte v war de,,,do galla pyar dian !!!
    nice rhyme !!!

    1. Ohh thanks so much for liking it :) thanks a lot for that signature statement...

  3. "You had done so much I am in debt,
    but you always stop me saying the same."

    So familiar, and so surprising.
    Lovely tribute full of true affection.

    1. Thanks a lot Aprille. Love is like that, so familiar but still surprising :)

  4. no words that can appreciate the feel that you have depicted here in this poem Tany...
    love thisss.......

    1. And I don't have words to thank you for such a lovely comment dear :) I am so happy that yo appreciate my writings with such kind words :) It really makes me feel special dear :)


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