Vitality Unleashed...

Where had this immense power come from, I wonder. Yesterday morning after so many days i felt as if I can work non-stop with unmatched strength. Yeah I really felt that way but later realized that it was my mind that thought so, due to a movie I saw the previous night. Strength & power it's all in the mind, our thoughts. This renewed zeal I possessed the morning was so great that every task i took was completed in no time. What ever plans I had were carried out with great pleasure & in the end I was a happy soul.
It's not like I don't complete tasks daily, I study, read, do the chores n other unstoppable tasks every other day but that day was unique. I was completely outbound , it was a spectacular feeling.
The conclusion was that when you see & think positive compelling your mind that good things will happen to you  it actually happens that way!
Earlier I thought it to be a flawed statement but when I experienced it y'sday it was beautiful, pleasurable & full of life. At night I was so contended that I couldn't have asked for more.
Life with it's titsy bitsy surprises teach us everything when the time is right.

P.S: (i) The learning part for every body reading this post is, never utter negative statements for anybody or yourself.
(ii)Always think that good gonna happen with you & your near & dear one's.
(iii) Repeat to your mind that you will do everything good with all your powers & love.
You will see in a day's time, a more happier you....

** I ended up being a very happy soul yesterday night, today it was similar too... /hmm

                                                                                                                                             © Tanya

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