Real Togetherness

A lady goes to a Swami (a saint) and ask what she should do as she has a doubt on her husband. She is suspicious that his husband is having an affair with another women.
The swami retorts : There's an easy to find out. Just take your husband's phone to that lady's house & see if the wifi gets connected automatically. :) ;)

*Gross but hilarious, isn't it *
So this joke was mentioned to give a direction as in how technology has entered our lives in all forms- big & small and has captured us in his vicious traps and no matter how disgusted we are devoting our family time on it we still don't stop the crap. I wonder why !

We all have come across people who insanely keep on answering office calls or texting so called "IMPORTANT" people while as a marriage or that guy who keeps finding a possible signal during the "Pheras" (Hindu traditional wedding ceremony, where the bride & groom pay their rounds in front of the holy fire)

So why aren't we enjoying our time with family & friends , our dear one's whose presence really matters. If you die today would he phone you had treated so preciously moan over your death or you would crave that your family remembers you. Memories are made when we spend small little moments with our buddies, crack unscrupulous jokes & have fun times. Nobody will ever bother to remember you when they find it hard to grasp your last joke or when you were a part of a special occasion . So friends what do we do in such circumstances ? I understand that calls can not be neglected & it's one of the best ways to connect when you are staying away from family. 
Yeah that is the thing if you have access to visiting your family at any possibility phone should be the least expense you are bounded with. So better keep that phone away & enjoy the real pleasures of life. That beautiful air which brings back old memories, those innocent kids chattering, fresh flowers blooming, helping or laying a kind hand to someone in need. Staying up with your parents and talking petty things even after you didn't realize it's 4 in the morning. 

These little & spectacular things make life not technology. Though I accept the fact how it has made life easier, conceptualizing connectivity & taking it to a whole new level. But have we come closer or parted ways with this so called "Amazing Intervention" which has ripped down our privacy & mode of expressions. Instead of a tight hug & kiss our mother's desire we are left with a smiley to offer?

Where are the technology less-expression more-gifts ? The special-someone's-presents, spending time with those we love the most. We earn to make our lives easier so that once we retire we have both time & money to do what we always wanted. Bu does that mean that we loose on time at our hands, times like family gatherings, wedding where we can find solace from our hectic lifestyles. 
I am sure the answer is NO but I am afraid this is what we are doing.
So "Real Togetherness" is not sticking with technology but getting rid from the chains :):)

Love you folks !

Watch this amazing video & how we really want the world to be. It will surely ring a bell.

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The Irony- Chapter Pune

Ever wondered why we are excited to explore a side and suddenly we cringe at the thought of it. I have come across many such instances in the last few months. So here’s my journey to Pune and just in 2 months how I started loving this place which was proving to be a nightmare at the start.
So it was 11th June when I boarded the 3 am flight and landed to this beautiful city full of life. I am a big Bombay fan which grew distinctly stronger during my 3 months stint there. But Pune has an essence invariably startling to any city I have been to so far. It has an amazing sense of beauty, serenity, loveliness & excitement all at the very same time. Especially the weather which is pleasant all year round, one could get the chills even in the hot summery days. I loved that fresh smell which would help you remember how beautiful life is.
So enough of my psychotic remarks let’s move on to my first day. It was a nice experience & I loved every minute of it, but I wasn’t sure how long would I continue here as the profile was not what I was looking for.

Pune has an immense dimension of its own. With quality retro’s and bars spread across the city it has some unique cafe’s which are a thrill for all kinds of people. Being a book lover and a chai addict I was particularly excited to visit the “Book-Chai cafe” at every possibility. I tried all their stuff, especially the masala tea which is beyond expression. They were nice for allowing me to click some pictures at their brilliantly built condo; it was always a relaxing experience to be there.
I visited a small cupcake cafe (would be sharing the pics soon), the ladies who held the place were beautiful and has an amazing sense of creativity which was evidently felt in their cakes and desserts. I am glad I visited the place with one of my friends- Angelina.
Pune is the first city which gave me an opportunity to pay rounds for some nicely crafted outlets. From cafe’s , bookstores to new start-up firms which are striving to make a stand in this place. I am glad I could pay a visit to some most innovative people I have ever met.
Another fabulous thing that happened was that I met some amazing people and made some exquisitely nice friends ( I would say friends for life). I would like to specially mention Kshetra who was an adorable chap. Miss you darling, Prachi & Angelina who were so supportive when I needed someone to hear my problems. Miss you guys a lot. I wish them all the luck in the world & love which knows no bound. Stay Happy, Stay Blessed always:* :* 
What I learn during this stage :
1.       I started managing everything on my own. Though I was a residential student during my MBA on campus still when you are working you need to keep everything at it’s best. So from managing finances to cooking, from handling laundry to ironing stuff I did everything on my own. Not to mention I was staying in a fairly new city with no acquaintance what-so-ever.
2.       Exploring new places just to pass time (I haven’t done that before)
3.       Travelling, walking long distance as conveyance is the only issue in Pune I guess.
4.       Being ready with a rain-coat or umbrella as you might be completely drenched in the rain , the next moment after the weather is all bright & clear.
So after 2 months and 20 days I moved to the Mughal city Hyderabad. Will carry on my adventures (a word I like using and not doing :P) in the next post. Till then stay tuned !

Lighting Fast Connection

Do you crave for an Internet Speed that does not buffer Youtube videos? Speed that download songs and movies at an impeccable speed? Then keep on reading to know more about the new Airtel 4G Connection with some amazing features & functionalities.
If you are a 3G user & crave for the next level than Airtel 4G is for you.
Being the very first operator to introduce the 4G, Airtel service is spread across 296 cities, so there is a minute possibility that you miss this spectacular service.
I was initially skeptic about the prices as such a speed is expected to come at whooping rates but my fear was wounded out when I came to know that I need not pay a penny more than my current 3G rate. Isn’t that great.  So what are you waiting for ? Order a Airtel 4G SIM now.

Oh!  So are you concerned about availability, worry not.
Getting a 4G SIM is just a tweet away – Send in your tweets at #GetAirtel4G and a SIM would be delivered at your doorsteps in No time J

Now the next question is what will I do with my 4G connection?
there is nothing to suspect or retrospect in this case. Is It?
Mt first desire would be download some amazing movies which I had missed out on in the recent past. In the meantime I would write a hell lot of stuff which I had been neglecting because of my crappy internet speed  :) . You know what I mean right…

Also I would complete all those pending software updates, plus download & surf simultaneously for hours at a stretch. What say guys!! Life would be utter bliss with the much awaited Airtel 4G connection.

I really think students would be befitted by this new arrival by Airtel. Even if they have to look out for colleges or download some serious stuff It could be done without any hassle. More so I don’t need to vie for a speed that could help me download my CFA material at one go, rather I can download a movie in the background.

If you are still suspicious about what I am talking, take a look at this video and you’ll know what exactly I am talking :) 

From colleges to movies, from PDFs to songs. What are you waiting for when Airtel 4G is here Meri Jaan (friend).
It will not only ensure that you complete your work hassle free but without any extra hidden costs as well. In a world where we are cheated everyday this is a fair deal for a change. Grab this amazing opportunity and lay our hands on the Airtel 4G connection now. Tweet, Order, Rule with Airtel 4G and change the internet blame game forever. Enjoy & Stay Blessed forever.

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Beauty Lies Underneath

“The Beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides”- Audrey Hepburn

Who doesn't desire a flawless skin and what could be better than ensuring the same with herbal ingredients. I have been using a couple a herbal remedies or homemade stuff since forever and my skin remains acne-free and beautiful forever. In this post I would be sharing some personal favourites for a beautiful & glowing skin. It’s easy yet definitive. 
Herbal ingredients not only equip your skin combat day -to-day worries but they come with no side effects as well unlike the chemical cosmetics we rely on for quick-fixes. 

I have been relying lately on a simple method to fight my prevalent acne and it helps me stay beautiful and glowing all year round. 

1.Equal Quantity of strained lemon juice mixed with Rose water. After each wash you should apply a little amount on your face and let it dry. Leave it so. This work wonders for anyone concerned about frequent break outs.

2.Take a pinch of turmeric and a tablespoon of sandalwood powder(soft not coarse), mix both the ingredients with a the right quantity of rosewater to form a paste. Apply and leave it for about 20 min. Wash with lukewarm water and then splash some cold water on the face just to close any open pores. This remedy if best for an instant glow. One can add some fuller’s earth for extra softness.

3.Vicco Turmeric Cream with foam base is a beautiful product. It’s loaded with the right amount of turmeric to help your facial cells fight daily worries and pollution keeping it soft and supple. Me and my mother always keep a tube handy and use it almost daily at night. I think that it’s one of the best products in the herbal category and beats the cosmetic one’s impeccably.

I would suggest this spectacular product to be used almost daily for your skin to ensure that the life of your facial cells get enhanced and helps get rid of day-to-day ailments. It not only help combat acne but also gives a shine to the face providing a natural glow. The texture of the cream is super-soft and smells heavenly. I am in love with the new foam base one as it absorbs so quickly giving it a beautiful edge and keeping in view that there are no chemicals to be scared off.

I personally prefer herbal products over cosmetics as the latter may provide a quick fix but it completely drain out the natural hydration process. On the contrary herbal products help make new facial cells and rejuvenates it from scratch thus helping it maintain the natural balance and fighting severe conditions that leaves our skin dull. For all those ladies out there using a lot of high-end cosmetic products I would thus like to suggest that start trying herbal products and you will see the difference for yourself.

That was from my side. I hope you will love the remedies. Do let me know if it creates a difference of how your skin feels.

Take care folks !

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Prisoner With this Book

The Book The Essence and The Author 
Choosing a genre much talked about today yet the least explored by authors, Tabric C has carved himself a niche on the writing front. My senses demand more from the author. I loved every bit of the book excluding a few excerpts which leave one worn out in between. Enthralling,  gripping and an amazing read… Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister is undoubtedly an engaging piece of writing which not only reflects the journey of a man with an extremely different background choices entering in the political arena but also compels the reader to introspect the choices being made in life across time.  With this book the writer promises a host of ideas woven intricately into a master piece.After a long time a novel repealing some POLITICALLY correct insights yet discrete at times. I could not resist myself by drawing similarities between an old favourite writer of mine "Federick Forester" with the way Tabric C discusses the scenes and bring the reader to the uniquely carved point in talk. The places are not unique enough for readers who have gone through certain preferences deriving source from the same theme yet it different in numerous sorts of revelation.

The story revolves around Siddhartha Tagore, a musical maestro often titled as the Mozart Man in the halls of Harvard who imparted with sudden political uplift, holding his life and choices at bay he begins on a journey which is intriguing on many instances. He carries forward the legacy his father has left behind him.  Politics to him seems bizarre at first but later on with numerous reckonings and moments of vindication he find himself to being an integral part of the Indian Political System. The writer carves interesting character around the protagonist , starting from his roommate Greg who everyone refers to as Priest, The beautiful and mesmerising twin sisters Karishma and Rubaya who drives him crazy every now and then during his stint at Harvard.  The story uniquely takes up issues like corruption and terrorism in the country and the contexts are broaden by the amazing sense of Siddhartha on an array of political issues and unbiased opinion on the Pakistan-China ties. The Prime minister (Siddhartha) is also showcased as a soul being tied by his destiny and often referred to as the prisoner held captive by events in his life. The story is an interestingly knitted one with which the readers could relate to quite well. An invigorating and breathtakingly fresh read in times where most of the stuff coming our way is mundane and wearisome.  Waiting for more such books from the author with an air of fresh thoughts and ideas, compelling the readers to contemplate, absorb and redevelop on issues concerned and pertaining to choices added with a tinge of optimism and weirdness.  Not revealing any point further of one of the must-read books, I would request all my readers to get a copy and traverse your brains into the Politically sculpted world with Tabric C. 

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