The Great Debaters - Movie Review

If you are wondering why such an old movie ? The answer is simple, I saw it recently ;)

Are you a fan of Denzel Washington? If Yes, you ought to watch this one, The great debater would strengthen you claims of him being a flawless actor. If Not, you ought to see how he is undoubtedly an actor who can pick off any role and draw magic with a finesse. No matter how sublime or overtly powerful the role is, Mr. Washington does not fail to amaze his fans.

As far as the cast is concerned , its chosen with a touch of perfection. Whether its Henry Lowe (Nate Parker) with his rugged charm or Samantha Brooke (Jurnee Smollett) with an awe-inspiring elegance, all character take the story to a defined destination. The story leaves you with how in reality a team of debater can influence an entire society and play their part in an immensely intriguing way.

Majority doesn't decide what is right or wrong, one's conscience does. - Samantha Brooke

With powerful dialogues , a gripping screenplay and a bunch of polished actor. The story unfold where Henry Lowe is sitting inside a seedy bar trying to gather female attention. He lands up in a fight with one of the girl's husband- much to his disgust but is rescued by Melvin Tolson. Lowe is well versed with profound literary creation which is evidently showcased in the opening scenes. 

The following morning he is awaken with a shock in his class where Melvin B. Tolson (Denzel Washington) lands in as one of the professors at the predominantly black Wiley College. 

Melvin decides to forgo his search for a debate team which is administered with despair by his fellow colleagues. With much resistance he is successful in choosing four powerful debaters from the class who aim to smash all records , thus putting African American as a contender.

After some invincible wins they are invited by the prestigious Harvard University to challenge their debate team. The events are based on true happenings and the way the script is penned down is sublimity at its best. All characters even for a fraction does not fall short of persuading your inner instincts. 
The motive of movies like The Great Debaters, Freedom Writers, Lean on Me is to portray and spread an unending plight of black in the initial period. Feelings full of disgust , people who loath them just because of their being black is strongly condemned because it is your acts who should define your true worth rather than the outer decisive image. The movie showcases not only day to day humiliation but also lynching in one of his scenes which leaves everyone disturbed.

The team goes on to win their toughest and the most distinguished Harvard Debate and are tagged as un-precedented . The story later reveals that 10 teams after the winning of the very first time took the world by storm , winning almost every event they vouched for. Dr James Farmer Sr. (Forest Whitaker ) portrays an influential educationist and the father of one of the debaters . He is shown to transform from a restricted/ reserved man to being a strong willed father. The events which compel him to shed his solidarity is due to the emotional strength his son exhibit by supporting Melvin in his rebellious acts of fighting for the community. Melvin Thomson is referred as a radical , not keeping in terms with the situation vying for more rights of their own. Melvin is concerned about the circumstances that surround African American and is twice arrested just to be freed on being threatened by James Farmer. 

The frequent usage of "An unjust law is no law at all." shows how restricted the society was in the 30's. With some breathtaking visuals and spectacular acting this movie is bound to take you by storm.

Dear Diary - A Short Story

Dear Diary - 16th January 2010, 4 am
"One Learns from oneself the most in life" And in today's hectic life , solitude is a rare way to pensively vent out one's thought. I love my solitude and have my private moments at times. I just love to have a book beside me and enrage in my deep thoughts, contemplating on the characters or something else. 

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She was just about to close her Diary but opened it taking a new page as if describing her worries on a fresh new leaf. She had a I-really-want-to-know-the-truth grin and a twitched eyebrow could have made it clear for anyone to picture that she was gravely tensed.

Dear Diary - 16th January 2010, 4:30 am
Do you think I did the right thing by leaving Ishaan? I should have given him a chance to explain things, but I was convinced he would only lie to me about his stint with Aiyeshaa. 
I trusted him with all my heart but when Rajan told me that Ishaan was double dating me and Aiyeshaa, I was flabbergasted at my ignorance.
I know in love you need to trust the one with whom you are sharing every bit of your emotions but is trusting and still not completely having faith the right mix for a desired emotional connect ?

She contemplated for about an hour before shutting the diary and tucking it under her mattress.

For the last 10 days everyone in the library seemed to take notice of a girl who was stuck from Morning 6:30 to evening till 8 in an isolated corner, either engrossed deeply in a book or staring at the table in front of her with a face that wanted to know- what Life is. She was always a miss during her lectures.

Mr. Banerjee threw the chalk right in the air landing exactly on Raima's head. "Yes ! YOU miss Ghosh. Could you please decode the last stanza of The Vile for us."

Raima was a aghast with the gesture and stood up in accordance to show some not so fervent respect to Mr. Banerjee- her English teacher.

She fumbled, merely speaking. At last, she went out at the pretext of not being well for the past couple of days. With a cough just to make it seem real altogether. With Mr. Banerjee, use to such excuses she was allowed.
She reached home at around 3 in the afternoon and frantically pulled out her diary from under the mattress.

Dear Diary - 28th January, 3:05 pm

I can't let him go, just like that. I want him to at least express the reason of him not being loyal to me. I can't let go off those crazy encounters with Ishaan, those lovely memories lay in my head and keep dancing with a sad face. I just want him back, but How ? 

Raima lay asleep , her Diary open , her socks on the pillow, her pen leaking the ink on the floral bedsheet . Just as the pen was about to make a thick black rim on the mattress lower end , the doorbell rang.

Raima woke up, went straight to the door. She saw Ishaan standing with a bouquet of roses , trying to follow his gesture with a meek smile.

"Raima", I am sorry. But can you please give me a chance to explain.

Raima couldn't believe her eyes. Was she dreaming !

"Here! These are for you." Ishaan responded.
"Give it to that Bitch....Whom you  kissed so passionately, in front of the whole school" Raima rebuked. She had a firm warning in her voice
"I thought you would give me a chance before accusing me of something so grave."

Without Raima interrupting, Ishaan spoke hastily.

"Let me finish first". He knew Raima was behind him in all anger
"I was not cheating on you. Aiyeshaa was blackmailing me from quite sometime now. She liked me and wanted me to break off with you and make her my girlfriend.
But I was too stern on my part. I said a clear NO. "
She Photo-shoped a picture of us , it clearly appeared that we were kissing and hence the entire school was forced to believe something that was just a rumor and had no reality in it"
Ishaan paused for breath. He started again with a zeal to make his love convince and make her believe that he was the same Ishaan who was head over heels in love with her for the past 4 years.

"I thought you loved me Raima. I thought you would listen to me once. I thought we had the power to fight all odds and judge a situation without settling for the viewpoint of both our hearts put together."
"But you failed me, Raima"

Raima was speechless. She muttered
"But why did you leave me so abruptly. You should have called me. Or come here like you did today". Her voice echoed the disgust at her own self and the love she had for Ishaan.

"I am sorry, but the way you looked at me that day, standing through the hallway,made me realize that we need to part in order to understand each other's worth." He sighed.

"I love you from the core of my heart, deepest of my thoughts, with all vulnerability and strength"
He smiled as she gestured him to sit down

He held her hands in his. She was about to let go but the grip was firm. She sat next to him.

"Raima , I owe you my everything. But believe me. I thought a lot in the past 13 days, it made me realize how much you mean to me, But the way your trust broke held me in an angst that I never knew existed. I was numb from that moment.
I thought that it would get over with time, but the fear of loosing you helped me get in tune with my true self"

"I gathered in the solitude that it's you that I want to spend the rest of my life with and no one else"
Ishaan took out a copy of the photo that held the entire school by storm and marked the tweaked pictures with a red marker. With a closer look Raima could evidently make out that it was not a real click.

"I love you too..."
She ran to her room bringing her diary in the living room and showed Ishaan what she wrote just an hour ago.
He was about to flip the pages when she grabbed the diary from the edge and closed it. Smiling she said... "After marriage, You can read my Diary". She said with a tone full of admiration, love, essence, authenticity , figuring out how her love won.

She hurriedly said.
"You should leave, Maa might come here any moment."

He tip toed form the living room and waved to her once he reached to face the turn on the lane.

Solitude is bliss indeed. I would have never known the essence , the power of my love if the incident and the series of events haven't took an ugly shape. He gleamed with a smile.

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The Week that was...

Good morning Friends
I have this new edition for 2015 where I write stuff related to what I did the previous week. I love doing new stuff and this would be a sort of a journal. "The Week that was" is a set of events, fun twists, videos, songs and book I stumbled up on and really got the "kick" , which I was desiring for

So this week here's my list :

The Rhythms : While browsing some interviews of 'Shailene Woodley' I got to know about the 'Cocteau Twins'. They have some amazing songs right from Heaven or Las Vegas to Blue Bell knoil. I am in love with all their albums.The USP is that when you pick up a song you would feel that it's sung in a different language altogether- I thought it was Arabic. But ! Wait click for their lyrics and BANG ! It was truly in English. Hear it with an accompanying lyrics and you would know what I am talking about

The Written Words: With the Goodreads challenge 2015 I am taking the mix seriously this time. I would like to finish at least 50 books this year (though its a back run , considering I read close to about 80 in college, but still after I lost pace this is a good number). So up on my list are some books from Indian authors , starting with Novoneel Chakraborty's -The Stranger Triology, the first book doing rounds is - Marry me, Stranger. Without a detailed introduction I would just say this is a must read. I would be doing a detailed review soon, so stay tuned. I never waited so eagerly for a book but I will die if I couldn't grab the second part soon as it had definitely hooked my intentions of going overboard with books by this writer. I am currently reading - Let's have a sin tonight- truly :* loving it, though not with the concepts and aspects explored about love by the characters :D
Another book which intrigued me was "Four Armed" by Jeffrey Archer - a collection of 4 powerful short stories. From Never Stop on the Motorway to Don't Drink the Water, the stories are gripping to the core and would seek your attention, tickle your senses , make you go wrestle with your thoughts, arouse the motives to write, desiring more all at the same time. A curious take on life's daily activities woven with dimension. A must read this Summer :)

Lights, Camera, Action : Horror, Drama, Thriller ,Romance , I am one bit of a fanatic when it comes to movies. I am a big horror movie fan and can't let go the creepiest one's, I think I get into a vulnerably high mode after watching them, easily de-tangling with life . That's my way (What's yours? Tell me in the comments ). But when it comes to romance I am quite a stereotype and prefer the black and white love rather than the flirtatious version or tantalizing one. So finally revealing the movies I watched last week , here you go : The Great Debaters, Freedom Writers, The Class, The Butler, Girl on a Bicycle, The Ring, Grudge (Korean version), Hitched for the Holidays, Elsa & Fred, Lean on Me :) That's all. It's a random list !

Also for the week to come I would be watching Rudderless and Another Me (Seems like a thriller after watching the trailer).

E-Commerce : I bought two watches , one for my mother and another one for my birthday :P I loved both my purchases. Some books to fill the empty shelves and a Coffee Mug :* 

Have a lovely weekend. Goodbye Folks !

The Mounting Outrage of the Great Litterbug

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Leave away Silicon valley, gaur gum exports, cotton we are best known for nothing else but keeping our surrounding dirty. No matter what precautions are being taken we can't help but litter- anywhere and everywhere. The irony is that we do this the most under signs which tell us not to do so. The great Litter Bug can be seen everywhere, round the neighborhood, just outside missing the thrash can, in the supermarket, outside the departmental store ( eating a chocolate -- hey hey ! Wait why not throw the wrapper on the steps ) Or maybe see at yourself. Do you do it more than often ? If yes ! Please read on for more details about your traits ;)

Image Courtesy : The Optimist

On your left is the image of an Optimist, gravely trying to understand that what can ever happen with just a bottle being thrown away on the streets. Many of us truly believe that the tipping point would never be reached, rather the earth would be stable in dire conditions with a plus or minus maybe :P :P But is it so ?

To say the least to litter bugs : "Put thrash where it belongs " - Is there a mechanism to point out the consequences in anyway. Is the national movement on keeping our vicinity clean bullshit because people seems to be least bothered about the environment around. As if the Earth is their dustbin. What else can be brought to notice other than a Nation-wide campaign of 'Swach Bharat' . Though there's a significant difference seen in the mentality and maybe reduction in the quantity of litter bugs but there's a long way to go :( :(

"Mere Desh ki Dirty - Paper ugale, Ugale bottle, roti. Mere Desh ki Dirty "

Dirtiness reflect the dirty Indian mind, the way they conduct their country is something they should similarly host in their homes. Is it so ? Do we keep our premises dirty, spitting in toilet, on walls, scribbling on the walls in spite of notebooks ? Do we ever attempt to fathom out what repercussions our act of dirtiness has in store for the land we live in ? Or the society we are building for our children? I guess not ! 
We never contemplate how and when these things would take their toll on our health and environment. That would undoubtedly lead to a lot of issues creeping in for the younger and weak species. The bitter sach (truth ) is that Bharat (India) would never be Swach (clean) until the acts of the litter bugs prevail. The Swach Bharat (Clean India) Campaign is nothing but a void demarcation. Yet to make a full fledged impact on the dominion of litter bugs. Sad but true 

The Stories of Litter Around the world. 

Were you there ;) :P Please check . And most importantly the extreme left is very important if you have a litter bug butt's 
Image Courtesy : Quickmeme, Joyreactor,
Tanya Sehgal

Image Courtesy :

Solution to This Bug : Instead of penalizing (though it is not that strict ever, never has been and I don't see a module coming out soon ) we can reward the Rule Governing citizen's. Pay them Rs 1 when ever a wrapper or anything dirty is being assigned to the dustbin. What say ! Guys :D :) Hi-Five on this idea :D

Say this along with me : 

I ought to be , but unlike my counterparts I choose to differ
I would not throw sticky gum on roads or dirty napkin in store
I would pick them up and throw them for recycle to make my city Clean and safe
This is India, I am not a soldier but keeping my city clean help me portray my love.
In the deep pit that we have put our country in, take this small step and don't be a litter bug :) ;)

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For More introspection and to know about the Great Indian Litter Bug go to this link

Have fun being a Litter hater. Inspire people round you not to be one of the litterbugs :) :)

A healthy child leads to a healthy Future

"In health there is freedom. Health is the first of all liberties." 
-- Henri-Frederic Amiel

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From showing them good eating habits  to making them know the art of hand-washing. We leave no stone un-turned when it comes to our child's health. But in spite of ensuring well sanitized condition, making them eat well, sleep well on time do we pay any attention to building their immunity? This is by far the least discussed topics when it comes to Children's health. 
Being an Indian we are accustomed to use some spectacular herbs in our day to day life's. Whether using cinnamon to make an aromatic tea or to add some turmeric in all our delicacies. We are doing it all, but to accept certain inhibited qualities of these herbs we need to develop a proper mechanism for our kids. 

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Dabur with it's 3X Immunity Chyawanprash should be an integral part of our child growing years. It is an age old , time-tested formulation with a number of herbs like Amla, known to be one of the best antioxidants, Giloy (Guduchi), known to have immuno-modulatory properties, and more than 40 other natural ingredients. A perfect delightful taste adds to these unique properties and amalgamation of beneficial ingredients. Not only for children , people of all ages should have it. Since my grandfather is a big fan of Dabur products we have always had a huge 1kg bottle of it for all seasons. Though the intake is enhanced during winters but the lovely taste acts as a motivator to try it during summers as well. :) ;) Me and my family just love having a spoonful of Dabur Chyawanprash with a cup of tea and then we are done - all strengthen and immune- ready to face life hectic challenges. 

He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything. 
~Arabic Proverb

Isn't it so true. From our infancy period we have been hearing that Health is Wealth but deep down in our hectic lifestyles we forget the essence of true heath. Immunity is the bridge, the backbone of healthy living. To guard against germs, diseases those persistent viral fever you need to strengthen the Immune system.

Wait ! Did I said our hectic lifestyles, Yes ! I did and that means time constraint to measure what are we eating, timely habits take a back seat, But there's a solution to this grave problem. It's Dabur Chyawanprash. This is why I stand by the claims. It has decreased my brothers innumerable coughs he used to have during his childhood, it helped me got rid of my acne (This is an open challenge from my side, anyone who has acne due to digestive problems, eating issues just try it once for a consistent period of 1 months- You will know what I am talking about :) ). So as far as my family ties with Dabur goes it had helped me play safe during those germ catching monsoon days, those dirty winter seasons when the incorrigible , uncontrollable communicable sneezing from people around you make life so tough ;) Thankfully I had The Dabur Champ with me (short for Chyawanprash (y) )

Thankfully I had The Dabur Champ with me (short for Chyawanprash (y) )

The major element here is Amla : Indian gooseberry. If you are suffering from digestion disorders, hair issues, skin problems this is a 'Ram Baan' as they call it (a savior in various aspects). A major ingredient in Triphala prescribed for slow metabolism Amla's decent intake help suffice as a natural beauty agent, with anti-ageing properties this antioxidant is a solemn truth rendered by our great veda's. So not for those strengthening muscles and lovely lustrous hairs, if you don't want these for your children don't worry. Because unless the body is immune it won't be able to held a healthy balance of inputs for the desirable outputs. Dabur Chyawanprash with some amazing new flavors is the heartthrob of your childrens. Go Grab a Packet today .

Healthy Living, Happy Living 

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