Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Just a Week...

It's just been a week since I have arrived here, in Bombay and I got to see and learn so much. I am completely been blown by the amazing spirit that mumbaites flaunt with grace every other day. The exquisitely dynamic, completely forlorn and upright approach that every individual out here exhibit is in every bit commendable. I have always loved the city after my father use to tell tales about his stint at the fabulous and energetic city of dreams.

Often referred to as the city that never sleeps, Bombay (I love calling it 'Bombay') is a paradise for people who believe in enjoying every moment of life. Whether you are in the bus (sweating your way through home) or strolling on the lovely beaches, one or the other instance you would encounter something spectacularly unique. The city has an essence of beauty, liveliness which is mystic in my opinion.

I landed here on the 8th of April and had to take a local first hand so as to get rid of the road which was blocked due to some construction work. Experienced the most trusted and talked about possession of Bombay- The Local Train, ladies going off for their duty hours @ 6 am, some dicing vegetable so that they could cook the same for dinner after returning back; women coming from Mulund ,taking fresh water fishes to be sold. I talked to some of them and their wasn't a single lady which did not smiled at me out of compassion. J Loved the humbleness with which they carry on with life, always smiling, utilizing every nook of their precious time and leaning their way to exhaustive hours all with a peculiar sense of optimism.

Next I went to the Army Club @ Juhu on the 12th of April with my Aunt ('Bua')  as her husband was an Army officer. With an air of freshness by the Juhu Beach I sat savouring myself in the Fried Fish which was being ordered. I couldn't imagine how time flew by in that occult moments, surrounded by handsome Man of valour, exquisite cuisine…What else does one need ?? 

Around 10:30 at night we went to the beach for a stroll, since it was a weekend, it was dirty like hell. But it was gorgeous like ever in the low tide which had Fish smell in it, since the fishes come on the bay during the low tides. It was breathtakingly gorgeous , after about 15 minutes the tide was a high one which almost drenched me completely… We came home, all sand-covered, running for a bath… ;) A lovely evening ended on a blissful note.

P.S : This post is a part of the "Stint @ Bombay", Series I am gonna start soon…

Take care Folks !                                                                                                                     

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Prisoner With this Book

The Book The Essence and The Author 
Choosing a genre much talked about today yet the least explored by authors, Tabric C has carved himself a niche on the writing front. My senses demand more from the author. I loved every bit of the book excluding a few excerpts which leave one worn out in between. Enthralling,  gripping and an amazing read… Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister is undoubtedly an engaging piece of writing which not only reflects the journey of a man with an extremely different background choices entering in the political arena but also compels the reader to introspect the choices being made in life across time.  With this book the writer promises a host of ideas woven intricately into a master piece.After a long time a novel repealing some POLITICALLY correct insights yet discrete at times. I could not resist myself by drawing similarities between an old favourite writer of mine "Federick Forester" with the way Tabric C discusses the scenes and bring the reader to the uniquely carved point in talk. The places are not unique enough for readers who have gone through certain preferences deriving source from the same theme yet it different in numerous sorts of revelation.

The story revolves around Siddhartha Tagore, a musical maestro often titled as the Mozart Man in the halls of Harvard who imparted with sudden political uplift, holding his life and choices at bay he begins on a journey which is intriguing on many instances. He carries forward the legacy his father has left behind him.  Politics to him seems bizarre at first but later on with numerous reckonings and moments of vindication he find himself to being an integral part of the Indian Political System. The writer carves interesting character around the protagonist , starting from his roommate Greg who everyone refers to as Priest, The beautiful and mesmerising twin sisters Karishma and Rubaya who drives him crazy every now and then during his stint at Harvard.  The story uniquely takes up issues like corruption and terrorism in the country and the contexts are broaden by the amazing sense of Siddhartha on an array of political issues and unbiased opinion on the Pakistan-China ties. The Prime minister (Siddhartha) is also showcased as a soul being tied by his destiny and often referred to as the prisoner held captive by events in his life. The story is an interestingly knitted one with which the readers could relate to quite well. An invigorating and breathtakingly fresh read in times where most of the stuff coming our way is mundane and wearisome.  Waiting for more such books from the author with an air of fresh thoughts and ideas, compelling the readers to contemplate, absorb and redevelop on issues concerned and pertaining to choices added with a tinge of optimism and weirdness.  Not revealing any point further of one of the must-read books, I would request all my readers to get a copy and traverse your brains into the Politically sculpted world with Tabric C. 

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sitting idle on a hectic day !

I don't know about others but I don't know why I am behaving in this manner. :( Strange ! But true...
When ever I have a submission to make, an assignment to work on or an exam round the corner, I am sitting idle :P . Either watching Full House(my favorite TV series of the 90's) or browsing about some certification !
I hate this procrastination reloaded- side of me, but I am trying my best to get ride of this. While doing an MBA, one is suppose to study 25 hours a day whereas me , I am no where near 15 :'(

Hope I realize this and mend my ways. Maybe this post helps me out in accepting the dire need to that had arise. Oh ! Yes I remember that just 15 days left before I fly back home. Maybe the festivities are driving me crazy or I am just crazy what-so-ever... Never Mind !

Its never too late, right !? As they say, from my behavior its palpable that I am down the drain, but I might rise the next moment and strike you right in pain !!! LOL :D

Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Misconception

She said love. He mistook it to be Glove.   Raj handed her the pair of gloves,

 “How mean” Neha retorted.

"What’s mean in that" ?  Raj questioned !

“I don’t think bloody men would ever understand a girl’s dream, her aspirations !” Neha said

“What ! where did that come from ?”

“I said I Love you Raj”

Raj blushed J

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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Rain- Break !

On a Rainy Day ! I will propose her....

You seemed determined this time, after fifteen failed attempts bro.

Aishwarya is mine, I won’t let her go this time. Ved said humming almost in a baritone.

Ahhh ! You guys again busy in your petty talks ??  Aishwarya uttered emerging out of nowhere

This is Aditya, my Fiance....

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